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China's largest silicon carbide base formally put into production, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-10

yesterday ( 8) Daily news, according to the report, investment 5 billion yuan, the construction land about 1000 acres of China electrical science ( Shanxi) Electronic information science and technology innovation industrial park transformation heddle change demonstration area in shanxi formally put into production.

People's Daily reported that the project plan in 5 years, building 'three bases' a center, namely: China electrical science ( Shanxi) Silicon carbide material industrial base, China's electricity ( Shanxi) Intelligent electronic equipment manufacturing industry base, the Chinese electrical science ( Shanxi) The three generations of the semiconductor technology innovation center, China electrical science ( Shanxi) Photovoltaic (pv) of new energy industry base. Project after, is expected to form the output value of 10 billion yuan.

shanxi station reporter liu Yang in the report pointed out that this silicon carbide base issue a total of 300 sets of equipment, monthly production will exceed one hundred million yuan. After the project completed, will become the nation's largest silicon carbide materials supply base, and the 1000 acres of industrial park will connect transformation of shanxi zong change demonstration area more than a dozen of upstream and downstream of the industry, driving the development of semiconductor industry cluster in shanxi rapidly, realize China fully autonomous supply of silicon carbide.

big forbidden band width, the critical breakdown voltage, high electron mobility, high heat conductivity, is the third generation of semiconductor heavily sb-doped silicon carbide materials of the loudest 'business card', however, the preparation of heavily sb-doped silicon carbide has been a global problem, and the high stability of long crystal technology is its core. In China, the heavily sb-doped silicon carbide substrate material long-term dependence on imports, the supply of its high cost and unstable situation greatly limits the development of related domestic industries.

shuo in shanxi branch crystal co. , LTD. , general manager li bin said: silicon carbide is a very key of semiconductor materials, all from shanxi, can drive a 50 to 10 billion yuan of industrial chain, now everybody is preempted by this point in time, we are now is to race against time to put this time node capture, pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, on the one hand pays special attention to return to work and production, the truly grasp the commanding heights of the industry chain in our own hands, be born in shanxi. ,

it is reported that since 2007, the Chinese electrical section 2 start layout heavily sb-doped silicon carbide substrate material of development planning, has mastered the high purity silicon carbide powder preparation technology, four and a half inches high purity insulation heavily sb-doped silicon carbide substrate preparation process, formed from the preparation of silicon carbide powder, crystal growth, wafer processing, such as a complete set of silicon carbide epitaxial validation materials development line, high purity, high purity silicon carbide materials in the earliest half insulating wafer production.

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