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Chongqing first wisdom light pole demonstration project completion inspection and acceptance

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-15

'on a small lamp posts it integrates the function of the top ten! '

recently, chongqing first multi-function rod demonstration project through completion inspection and acceptance, in formal putting-in-service proactively HongYa hole.

it is understood that the project construction unit for chongqing city administration of lighting, main backer for insensitive is filled with information technology co. , LTD. (Shanghai Hereinafter referred to as 'insensitive is filled with') 。

delta here HongYa hole new putting-in-service proactively multifunctional lamp post

delta here HongYa hole new putting-in-service proactively multifunctional light pole

new putting-in-service proactively HongYa hole of multi-functional light pole system consists of 10 light pole. Light pole structure from low to high by the terminal equipment, network communication layer, platform, the application layer of three layer, which can realize lighting intelligent monitoring, environment and meteorological monitoring, municipal covers monitoring, mobile phone recharge, security monitoring, network broadcasting, emergency call, information release, information interaction, wireless network coverage ten big functions.

according to insensitive is filled with the relevant person in charge of the southwest district to the light pole said a reporter wisdom, the wisdom light pole, called 'cornices, the rod body design not only meet the load demand of the multifunctional application module, at the same time, and the integration of local HongYa cave landscape, became the first send out the wisdom of' classical flavor 'in chongqing light pole.

the head also said that in the process of projects, they overcame many difficulties, from start-up to online, a total of 20 days.

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