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Chongqing model. flood-control of area city LED energy-saving lamps rate was 71%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-17

model. flood-control of chongqing area city bureau news, according to the distribution of the area according to the street lamp facilities, implement regional management system, according to each community or street grid subdivision, all-in one, adhere to the patrol area during the day and night patrol system in the round, can handle found the problem in time.

in the first half of this year, built the city building nightscape lighting, mountain night view lighting 4 106, night view lighting along the bridge and complete the fu river district section construction, built the city at night. New installation of the LED bar lamp lights 23 77 columns, stents, cooperate with construction unit 252 new LED street lamps, LED energy-saving lamps city rate was 71%.

in addition, model. flood-control district street lights maintenance adhere to the 'white and black, 5 plus 2' mode of work, do the whole inspection tour, and deal with the problem not overnight. In the first half of the overhaul sodium lamp is acted the role of more than 2580 lamps and other lighting, replace all kinds of light source electrical appliances more than 940 sets, 3893 meters of cable, coating 1100 Yu Zhu street lamp light pole. City lights, intact rate achieves 98% above.

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