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Chongqing take you witness more pole and assigned to the urban construction

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-02

recently, in order to ensure the communication infrastructure and urban environment harmonious and unified, achieve urban comprehensive management and informatization level with ascension, a total of development, accelerate the realization of 5 g scale deployment, the tower of chongqing and chongqing city administration in line with the 'mutual benefit, friendly consultation, co-construction and sharing, complementary advantages and common development' principle, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement and strategic cooperation mechanism. Previously, chongqing zhongshan road 4 ring have been completed 5 g sightseeing route, is chongqing's successful landing in 5 g construction practice.

there is a most beautiful streets in chongqing is called 'zhongshan four road', although is located in the bustling yuzhong district, but there is a peace of mind. Lush ficus virens, blue bricks and tiles throughout Boston ivy, street lamps, restoring ancient ways are witnessing that the day of chongqing as a temporary and wars.

today, people walking on this most beautiful street, in addition to see history of literature and art, also can feel the time development added a sensitivity to here.

( Zhongshan road 4 view)

the past zhongshan road 4, because of ficus virens covered, so street lamps, communication pole, although monitoring tower arrangement chaos, but also have no special effect the beauty of the street, only attracts thousands photos to commemorate photography enthusiasts and tourists in view.

( Zhongshan four roadbed station)

but with the development of mobile communications radio coverage technology and trend, driven by the wisdom city tower with the co-construction and sharing ideas, to zhongshan road 4 original tower the integration of resources, through more than one way to build a blend of road lighting, charging pile, Wi - Fi coverage, environment monitoring, traffic management, billboards and micro base stations, and other functions of wisdom light pole, transform the image of the street light pole mixed and disorderly, the great degree to zhongshan road 4 this the most beautiful streets become more clean and neat, more beautiful.

( Zhongshan road 4 5 g bar diagram)

in addition, the Eiffel Tower by zhongshan road 4 5 stock tower mast, 6 in social resources, rod body built within one month of 11 5 g base stations, let them to 5 g network demonstration centers in chongqing. Many citizens are heading to celebrities mansion experience pavilion is located in zhongshan road 4, through VR headsets to watch the jiangbei, two rivers and intersection 360 ° panoramic experience 5 g signal real-time images and otherwise. Future, to create 'business city' of the yuzhong district 5 g fusion application demonstration highland will attract more citizens and tourists to clock in, 'the most beautiful streets' - — Zhongshan road 4 will be chongqing hot spots again and again and again.

( Zhongshan road 4 of 5 g base station local photo)

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