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CHZ CASE |GD34A Street light in Urban Road in URUGUAY

CHZ CASE |GD34A Street light in Urban Road in URUGUAY


GD34A Street light in Urban Road in URUGUAY

Urban road lighting project in SALTO,URUGUAY was completed in 2024. 40W LED street light fixtures with 0-10V+T dimming. The streamlined ceiling light design prevents light from being emitted upward, while the paint surface reflection creates a diffuse and comfortable light distribution. The intelligent control system customizes the switching time and brightness level of the lights, which not only saves energy but also reduces light pollution. The project uses 160 LED city and street luminaires that effectively reduce light pollution.

Project details:

40W street lightsCHZ-GD34A  CLASS I4000K160 pcs
street light pole4.5 m  Ф140/Ф60mm
160 pcs

Project pictures:

Product used:

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