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CHZ courtyard lightingLighting completed the road renovation project of a small town in Spain

CHZ courtyard lightingLighting completed the road renovation project of a small town in Spain


Recently, CHZ Spain branch completed a courtyard lighting renovation project in a small town. Located in the Barcelona region of Spain, the town is one of the eight satellite cities of Barcelona and attracts a large number of tourists every year. In order to revive the urban tourism industry after the epidemic, the city government decided to renovate the courtyard lighting in the town.

Previously, the classic garden lights were used, and all high-pressure sodium lights were installed, which not only had low brightness, but also had poor color rendering. After our Spanish team studied this project, we decided to use our GD01A LED courtyard lamp to participate in the bidding for this project. It stood out among many competitors (including PHILIPS, THORN, LANDVANCE and other brands) and got this project.

CHZ outdoor LED courtyard garden lighting GD01A


This courtyard lamp is a classic lamp specially developed by us for the European market. It uses LUMILEDS3030 or 5050 high-efficiency lamp beads and MW (0-10V+timing dimming) drive to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. The height of the light pole is generally 4~5 meters. We use 60W power and a color temperature of 4000K, which improves the light efficiency and color rendering. For the courtyard lights on the side of the road, we use TYPE II lenses; for the courtyard lights on the square, we use TYPE V and 120° lenses to achieve the corresponding lighting effects. Our team spent nearly a week on site design and construction, and successfully completed the lamp replacement work.




best quality chz courtyard lighting

CHZ courtyard lighting project

After the test, after on-site data collection, the test results are also satisfactory. The average illuminance reaches 45LX, which is 30% higher than the previous HID, and the power consumption is only 50% of the previous. The owner feels very satisfied with this effect.

Our company has accumulated rich experience in municipal roads, and also trained a professional team, so that our brand has a high reputation and good reputation in the local area. I hope that our Spanish team will continue to work hard, get more projects, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the construction of beautiful cities in Spain. 

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