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CHZ Lighting Helps Beautiful Village Lighting Project in South Taihu New District

CHZ Lighting Helps Beautiful Village Lighting Project in South Taihu New District


In order to create a beautiful and livable urban and rural living environment in an all-round way and further enhance the beautiful rural brand image, the South Taihu New District of Huzhou has vigorously implemented the beautiful rural lighting project to comprehensively improve the rural living environment. Recently, CHZ Lighting has helped install solar street lights in three villages in Nantaihu New District, Huzhou, which not only beautified the main road environment of the village, but also effectively solved the problem of villagers ’difficulty in traveling at night, improved the living environment and quality of life of the villagers, and obtained the villagers. Is generally well received.

Huzhou is the birthplace of the "Two Mountains" concept and the birthplace of China's beautiful countryside. After more than ten years of hard work and practice, Huzhou has explored a way to revitalize the countryside with ecological civilization as the main line. As one of the four new areas in the construction of the Dawan District in Zhejiang Province, under the guidance of the two mountains concept, Huzhou South Taihu New Area is firmly committed to the path of high-quality development, and vigorously promotes the improvement of rural living environment and the creation of beautiful villages Leading example of national green development.

In this lighting project, CHZ Lighting assisted 3 villages in Nantaihu New District to complete the installation of about 200 solar street lights, further improving the rural residential environment and providing convenience for villagers to travel at night. The project selects CHZ Lighting DST1 series solar street lights, the overall lighting efficiency is up to 170Lm / W or higher, and achieves higher illuminance; using high-quality single-crystal solar panels, high charging efficiency and long life; human body induction + light control + time control, leading The low-light intelligent charging control system ensures normal lighting even on long rainy days.

In addition, through professional optical design, CHZ Lighting Solar Street Light has realized wide batwing light distribution for road lighting. The lighting area is larger and the light distribution is more uniform. The visual experience is comfortable and natural, which can better ensure pedestrians travel safely at night. Moreover, through data comparison, CHZ Lighting Solar Street Lights are superior to ordinary solar street lights in terms of irradiation area, illuminance and uniformity of illumination, which can make the distance between the poles wider, reduce the number of poles installed, and effectively save costs.

                                                   20m spacing effect of other companies                                                                                                                                                        CHZ company 25 meters spacing effect

The newly installed solar street light uses sunlight as energy, no need to dig trenches and lay pipes to lay wires, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free, and saves electricity costs and does not require human control. Brand-new street lamps emerged from the ground and became a new bright spot in the appearance of local villages and villages. The new street lamp not only lights up the dark night, but also illuminates the way the villagers go home. It also improves the satisfaction and happiness of the peasants, adds infinite vitality to the originally quiet village, and warms the hearts of the people.

In the field of solar lighting, CHZ Lighting has always insisted on high-quality products, focused on new product development and technological innovation, and has provided professional and high-quality solar lighting products and solutions for many engineering projects. In the future, CHZ Lighting will continue to rely on technological innovation, continue to deepen product research and development, comprehensively improve its overall service capabilities, participate in more rural road lighting projects with high-quality products and professional solutions, and contribute to the promotion of the beautiful rural revitalization Wisdom and power.

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