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CHZ LIGHTING Successfully Concluded in 2022 Madrid MATELEC

CHZ LIGHTING Successfully Concluded in 2022 Madrid MATELEC


MATELEC, Madrid, Spain, 2022, will be held in IFEMA, Madrid International Exhibition Center from November 15 to 18, 2022. MATELEC, the biennial International Exhibition of Electronics, Power Installations and Lighting Products in Madrid, Spain, is one of the most important exhibitions in Spain and enjoys a high reputation in the field of international electric power, electrician and lighting.

In this exhibition, the exhibition area reached 53792 square meters, the number of visitors reached 90000, the number of exhibitors and brands reached 1600, including many Chinese lighting merchants; By setting up different exhibition areas, organizing technical seminars, participating in international promotion programs, the exhibition explores the latest technological and service innovations and displays the latest electronic scientific and technological achievements. Both the scale and exhibition effect have been greatly improved, which is of great significance for us to develop the international lighting market.

CHZ LIGHTING, as a leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, has participated in MATELEC for the fourth time and received extensive attention each time. At this exhibition, we showed a large number of new products, including street lamps and garden lamps, as well as a number of solar street lamps and venue lighting; At the same time, many of our products have obtained the certification of ENEC, ENEC++and ENEC CLASS II, which are widely popular in the European market and have won more and more engineering projects.

At this exhibition, CHZ LIGHTING, as one of the main sponsors of the 2022-2023 European F1 race, sponsored the Mercedes Benz team and achieved excellent results in the 2022 Lyon F1 Grand Prix in France. For this MATELEC exhibition, Mercedes Benz team also gave us a lot of support for this exhibition, including borrowing a F1 car to us for free during the exhibition. This time, in addition to many highlights of our products, Mercedes Benz racing cars also attracted a lot of attention, rapidly improved the popularity and reputation of the CHZ brand, and achieved very good results.










During the exhibition, our booth attracted thousands of people to visit every day, becoming the biggest hot spot of the whole exhibition; At the same time, it has attracted a large number of potential local engineering customers and reached hundreds of preliminary cooperation intentions; At the same time, it has attracted customers from many neighboring countries, including Portugal, France, Morocco and Algeria, and expressed strong sales agency intentions.

Our sales team members warmly answered all kinds of questions for customers through professional services, including product performance, technical characteristics and cooperation methods, and won the praise of many customers. Then they punched in in front of our booth.

Congratulate CHZ LIGHTING on the success of MATELEC in Madrid, Spain in 2022!

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