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CHZ LIGHTINGing Donates Funds to Aid Education

CHZ LIGHTINGing Donates Funds to Aid Education


Recently, Mr. Huo Jianwen, General Manager of CHZ LIGHTINGing, was warmly invited by the School of Science at Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) to participate in the award ceremony of the "CHZ LIGHTINGING Undergraduate Master's Pioneer Scholarship" in 2022.

According to the long-term cooperation agreement reached between CHZ LIGHTINGING and the College of Science of SIT, a certain amount of funds is donated annually to the college to reward students with excellent moral and academic qualities, encourage them to work hard and achieve outstanding talents.

The awarding ceremony of CHZ LIGHTINGING Scholarship was held at the Library of SIT. All students and major leaders from the College of Science attended the meeting. Mr. Huo, General Manager of CHZ LIGHTINGING, personally presented the award to the first prize winner, Su Yawen.


Then, the College of Science hired Mr. Huo of CHZ LIGHTINGING as the "corporate mentor" of the college, and Dean Mr. Li Yigui personally issued the appointment letter.



As a special guest, Mr. Huo delivered a report titled "On the Employment of College Students and the Spirit of Craftsmen" to all attending students. He conducted an in-depth analysis of the current difficulties in college students' employment. Nowadays, many college students pursue taking the civil service exam and even prefer to go to state-owned enterprises by express delivery rather than going to factories or workshops; And many factories find it difficult to recruit college students; This creates a mismatch between the two sides of demand: graduates cannot find suitable jobs, and factories cannot recruit suitable young people. I hope that all college students can take off Kong Yiji's long clothes and actively sink into the factory workshop, starting from blue-collar technical workers, in the current unfavorable employment situation, to develop a solid technical foundation, become technical leaders in a certain industry, and become craftsmen of a large country. Carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship and becoming a technical talent in a certain field will have a brighter future. The overall speech won widespread resonance and applause from teachers and students.


Finally, Mr. Huo, on behalf of Shanghai CHZ LIGHTINGing, would like to take a group photo with all the teachers and students of the College of Science of SIT. He also wishes the cooperation between the school and the enterprise to be better and more fruitful.


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