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City add a change LED street lamps, in the province of about $400000

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-31

a few days ago, according to U. S. media reports, the United States Illinois el gold going to install the LED street light. City officials said, to install the LED street lamp can save money and is expected to provide better, more environmentally-friendly lighting. Public works director Aaron Neal, said about $2. 25 million ( About 15. 62 million yuan) The investment will pay in five to six years.

the city, said of electricity each year for the street lamp only spent about $900000 to $1. 1 million. But, after the upgrade of LED street lamp, a rough estimate annual savings of about $400000 ( About 2. 78 million yuan) 。

in addition to energy saving, the city also hopes to reduce maintenance costs, because compared with city at present use of metal halide lamp, LED street lamp, greatly improve the reliability, service life greatly extended.

in addition, the city plans to use energy efficiency of electric power company ComEd, by changing the LED, each tile, reduce payments to 0. One-time reimbursement fee of $70.

before the budget is approved, Neal said he plans to seek suppliers advice before the end of January, the supplier will provide audit on street lights, LED lights and for installation, he hope in June or July to start the installation.

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