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Administration of Detroit lighting basically completed nearly 20000 fault LED street lamp replacement

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-20

you may remember from the LED street lamp dimming prematurely and 'blind', Detroit lighting authority to prosecute street lamp supplier events, a few days ago, it has a new progress.

Detroit public lighting administration announced on Monday, is expected to be completed nearly 20000 LED street lamp replacement work, the defect of these lamps, lead to premature dim and fault.

this change is expected to cost $7 million to $8 million, ahead of the target of lighting administration earlier this year a step change before the end of the year 19500 light lamps and lanterns. The institutions provide funding for the project, is to the head office is located in California's lighting manufacturers Leotek Electronics USA to seek redress.

according to the lighting administration law firm, in the last year to the routine of lighting system according to the survey, Leotek defective lamps and lanterns is 'burning, burning, or craze', change the work began.

Leotek US general manager of Thor Scordelis said on Sunday, since there is a dispute in December last year, the company has been through direct dialogue or through their lawyers keep close communication with the public administration of lighting. 'This is an independent design flaws, not all of the installation has a problem,' Scordelis wrote in an E-mail. 'We have to act quickly, change does not comply with the performance specifications of the equipment. We have do our best to solve this problem. '

Scordelis said, since June, Leotek provides the city with 8179 sets of alternative lighting. Lighting authority has installed 1500 from Leotek replace lamps and lanterns, administration of public lighting, executive director of Beau Taylor said this is another model. Manufacturers to provide the city lighting free of charge.

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