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Come on in China, we are with you

Come on in China, we are with you


At the beginning of the new year, a new outbreak of pneumococcal pneumonia occurred in China. The epidemic centered on Wuhan and swept the country. The Chinese people are united in their hearts, and under the leadership of the party and the government, they fought against the epidemic and started an unprecedented battle against the "epidemic".

Our company united as one, resisted the epidemic, donated nearly 4 tons of emergency medical supplies to the disaster-stricken area in Hubei, and rushed 800 kilometers overnight to escort emergency medical supplies to Hong'an and distribute them to various medical units in person. Alleviated the extreme shortage of supplies and protected the lives of frontline medical personnel.

Picture: Traveling to the disaster area overnight, escorting medical substances

The epidemic in China has also affected the hearts of many employees in our overseas branches, and everyone has expressed their concern and support for the war in China. Our colleagues from the Spanish branch displayed the Chinese flag together and expressed their firm support for this battle.

At the same time, all the employees of our Nigerian Lagos branch also expressed their concern and support for the war of resistance against China in this epidemic.


Video 1 Nigeria branch

I believe that with the active efforts of the Chinese people and the care and support of international friends, we will be able to overcome the epidemic soon and achieve the ultimate victory of the War of Resistance! Come on Wuhan, come on China!


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