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Common causes of street lamp not bright five and relevant solutions

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

we may understand before questions about the solar street light life, but the solar street light can use how long? Below and we'll take a look at together about the use time of solar street light.

the installation of solar street lights and the product cost will be high, it is well known things, coupled with the solar street lamp belongs to high-tech products, so many people worry that its service life is short, many enterprises after considering this aspect, will abandon the use of this kind of street lamp, still adopts the traditional street lamp.

actually people concern is redundant, because the use fixed number of year of solar street light panels for 25 years, it is more long than traditional street lamps will use fixed number of year, in addition, high-tech product has its own advantages.

it does not require other power as a support, it only requires its own panels convert heat into electricity, so as to supply their own use. Thus save a lot of cost, in addition, its installation cost will be cheaper, and the late basic don't need maintenance, so the overall accounting, it costs far less than the cost of traditional street lamp.

in addition it is important to note that the application of solar energy is more and more attention by people, it will not only save a lot of living expenses, and belongs to the new energy, will not produce a lot of waste.

won't cause harm to the environment, and energy use belongs to use for a long time, on average, the solar energy is one of the modern society of energy used by people in the future society will be limited, and bring to people's life more convenient.

a, reason: man-made solar street light system hardware damage solar street light system can't work normally.

solution: hardware repair or replace damaged hardware.

2, reason: circuit aging or circuit disconnect, solar street lamps system can not work normally, the LED light or not.

solution: reconnect the wires or replace the wire.

three, reason: battery is negative answer, the service life of the poor contact, maturity, damage to the battery, battery cannot work normally, such as the voltage is too low, solar street lamps system can not work normally, the LED lamp is not bright, bright enough, not enough brightness, the light is not bright.

solution: reconnect the battery, replace the battery, replace the battery terminal, battery maintenance or replacement battery directly.

4, reason: controller set wrong, solar street lamps system can not work normally, the LED light when not bright, bright enough time, Bai Tianliang not bright or has been lit at night.

solution: reset controller, directly replace the controller.

5, reason: constant current source is damaged, solar street light system does not work, the LED light not on or flashing.

solution: maintenance of constant current source or directly replace the constant current source.

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