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Competitive advantages of Changhui solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
  The growth of all life on earth depends on the nourishment of sunlight and heat. The sun is the source of all energy. All energy is obtained directly and indirectly from the sun. Solar energy is the most important renewable energy source, which is an inexhaustible supply and always available for use.  Solar energy is a clean energy and does not produce any pollution, so the environment on the earth can be protected. If the world economy maintains sustainable development, humans must get along well with nature. In order to improve the ecological environment, to build clean renewable energy and diversified energy systems, the use of solar energy is a sign of human civilization and social progress.  The appearance of solar street lights meets the needs of social development, and is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Compared with traditional street lights, it brings unparalleled social welfare. The technological improvement and cost reduction of solar lighting have enabled it to develop rapidly. After several years of lingering period, the rapid development will promote the further improvement of technology and reduce the cost. Solar energy products will have a new brilliance.  Changhui solar street lights use sunlight as power, charge during the day and use at night, without the need to lay complicated lines. It can adjust the free layout of lights and lanterns. It is a safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting without manual operation. Save electricity costs and facilitate maintenance. Solar street lights have four outstanding advantages: high-end chips, intelligent temperature control systems, intelligent infrared radiation sensors, and dimming technology. It adds new selling points and new applications for solar products, enabling Changhui solar street light manufacturers to compete Survive very intensely.   Solar powered street lights have easy installation, high stability and no need to flatten complicated wires, only a cement base and stainless steel screws. Solar street lights use smart power modules with high reliability and conversion efficiency up to 98%. It is a one-time investment, the investment cost can be recovered within three years, no maintenance cost, long-term benefit.   Solar street lights are ultra-low voltage products, which are safe and reliable in operation, fully automatic operation, complete protection functions, and no hidden dangers. Solar street lights also add new competitive advantages for the development and promotion of green and environmentally friendly ecological residences. It can reduce property management costs, the owner's share of public expenditure, construction and maintenance costs.

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