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Completion of another large-scale factory project in Spain

Completion of another large-scale factory project in Spain


Recently, our Spanish branch has completed another large-scale wind power enterprise, AISEA WIND, plant lighting project. AISEA WIND is one of the largest offshore wind power enterprises in Spain and even in Europe, with a wide reputation.

Therefore, Europe has made significant investments to encourage the development of new energy enterprises, especially offshore wind power projects; In order to seize this rare opportunity, AISEA WIND actively expanded its factories and increased production capacity. Due to the successful implementation of multiple factory lighting renovation projects by CHZ LIGHTING in Spain in the early stages, it has gained high visibility and reputation. Therefore, this project was actively invited by AISEA WIND to participate in the bidding process.

After on-site investigation and illumination calculation in the early stage, we have decided to use HB27-200W and HB27-250W factory lights. This product is the latest generation of UFO factory lights developed by our company. It is overall beautiful and generous, with good heat dissipation, a light efficiency of up to 160lm/W, and high cost performance; The heat dissipation is also excellent and can be applied to various types of factories, including smelters and cement plants in harsh environments. This product has been certified by TUV-SUD for CE, CB, and ROHS, and provides a five-year warranty service. Since its launch in the market, it has received widespread favor from the market.

Through a series of product quality, quality certification, and comparison of lighting effects, CHZ Lighting ultimately won the project.

During the construction period, our company attaches great importance to it. The General Manager and Technical Director of the Spanish company personally supervise the front line and provide a series of technical guidance for construction quality.

The construction process went smoothly, and after more than 10 days of construction, the project was successfully completed. The average height of the factory building is 15 meters, and the customer's requested illuminance value is 300LX, with a uniformity of 0.6. The actual illumination value reached 380LX, with a uniformity of over 0.65, exceeding the customer's requirements. The overall effect was very satisfactory to the customer.

We will continue to work hard to provide better products and high-quality services for the Spanish and European markets, and make greater contributions to the construction of new energy in the European market, so that CHZ LIGHTING can showcase the brilliance of civilization.

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