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cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

Cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

100W 150W 200W
AC100-277V /50-60HZ
CE ROHS IP54 ISO9001 ISO14001
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Application Scope
CHZ Lighting's led flood light is mostly used in the following scenes.CHZ Lighting insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions based on their actual needs, so as to help them achieve long-term success.
Company Advantages
1. CHZ led tri-proof light complies with the safety standard. Tests carried out on raw yarn, finished textiles, garments, and accessories ensure the safety of the finished product.
2. The product has the advantage of fine luster which is decided by the light reflectivity, refractive index, and light absorption index.
3. Built with an eco-energy saver, it is energy keeping. It maintains efficient operation only consuming very little energy or power to operate.
4. With this product, people can stay in a quiet tranquil environment. Because there will not be noises made by annoying flickering.

Company Features
1. Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd excels in the R&D, design, and production of led tri-proof light . We have been thought of as a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer.
2. Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd's quality management system provides strong organization guarantee to the quality management.
3. led high bay light manufacturer is a fundamental tenet of an efficient and well-organized development for Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd. Inquire online! Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd is dedicated to be the top notch professional led high bay fixtures company. Inquire online! As the expression of CHZ to clients, led high-bay light is the belief of it. Inquire online! industrial high bay lights is our management tenet. Inquire online!
Saves unplugging and replugging tools while working on projects
Solid cord
Excellent, very good quality, work perfect.
Works for what I needed it for...tracking carpenter ants at night. The included battery didn't last too long and some heat is generated. Seems to use more current than expected for a LED.
Still can't find my emerald crab
Amazing flashlight. The bulb is red, and it works so well in the dark, inside and out!!!!
Very bright for what it is. Seems build well.
This is a sturdy charger that is great for regular use, and outdoor adventures. It is actually fairly light for its size and is esthetically pleasing. Charges fairly quickly and can charge my IPhone X about 4-5 times on single charge. The solar panels do charge if necessary; however, definitely more for a survival situation. They charge extremely slow as expected. The light is bright and great for hiking/camping which I do often. Recommend this to all! Great buy.
I am an avid camper who also likes to keep in touch with the modern world via social media on my phone and tablet. Chargers are a must as I stay out for multiple days at a time. I needed a solar charger and boy, this one did NOT disappoint! The larger solar panels helped charge the device quicker than a smaller and cheaper model that I previously have used. I’m impressed with the durability as I have dropped it accidentally a few times and it has not damaged the unit nor affected its use in any way. The waterproof feature is a MUST as I get busy and sometimes forget to bring it in overnight while charging. It accommodates different port styles and also has an electric charge function if in a pinch. It’s easy to see when the unit is fully charged and the charge lasts for a long time! I’ve only charged it once, have utilized the power for charging my phone twice and it still has plenty of juice left in it. I also am stoked that it has a LED light on it, which may be necessary if needed for survival or just because. It also comes with a carabiner, charging cable, and wrist strap. By far my favorite solar charger. Incredible value for item received. Highly recommend!
My job requires lots of traveling and field service so carrying a power bank is a must. I have gone through many power banks over the year. So far this is the best power bank I have bought. It has everything I need: large capacity, solar charging (takes days to fully charge the power bank), wireless charging (works great with Iphone 8), flash light, charge level indicator, and fits just right in my tactical pants pockets. I am very pleased with this bank. It charges my phone 6 times in a row before dead. One note: when receive the pack, please make sure you fully charge it before using, otherwise you will risk permanently damaging the pack.
this portable charger works really well, it charges decently fast and the led light on this thing is insane! I would use this as just a rechargeable flashlight even.. the solar charger doesn't really seem to work that good if even at all but maybe in an emergency, it would give enough power to make a call.
This is the coolest powerbank I’ve ever owned. It is high capacity (20,000 mAh), can charge up to 4 devices concurrently (3 via USB cables and 1 via wireless). You can charge a phone wirelessly by laying your phone on top of the charger. To recharge the battery, you can use either micro usb port, UCB-C port or solar. Even though solar charging is not a recommend method for recharge the powerbank, it is help full to maintain the battery level during any outdoor trip or in case of emergency/power outage. It’s is also water proof, make it a must have item for any hiking or camping trip .
Wow, what can I say? Quick charger, wireless charging, and solar panels to boot! This is an everything portable charger. This will definitely be my go to charger for camping and outdoor activities!
This is a good powerbank that does wireless and wired charging and is a bit heavier than I was expecting. I charged it the first time from the wall and have not tested the solar charging functionality. I would give this product 5 stars except for three minor issues that were enough to knock one star off. The first minor problem is that this comes with a carabiner but the unit doesn't have a slot large enough for it. Rather they attached a flimsier metal loop to the carabiner that does fit into the corner notch. I don't have a lot of confidence that the smaller loop will hold up if I carry around a lot. It would've been better if they made the corner notch larger to accommodate the carabiner. The second minor issue is that the panels are closed into powerbank by way of a velcro strap. While this will hold fine for a while, like the small metal loop with the carabiner, if I use it a lot, I expect the velcro will start losing its stickiness. It would've been better if they used something metal to secure the panels. My final complaint with this powerbank is that there is NO contact information for the manufacturer. Even though the packaging says it wants you to contact them, there is no information in the thin manual or on the box with any contact information. The only form of contact that actually appears to work is the contact information for the seller on the Amazon product page. At the very least I would expect an email address to be printed in the manual or a company URL somewhere on the packaging. Instead if I have any questions or problems with the product, I need to go through Amazon's system.
This power bank has a bit of bulk due to the panels, but it's not too bad if you just toss it in a backpack. I like the led flashlight that also serves as a SOS message (one of the modes). While solar charging will always be slow, this power bank does good with it. A good rule of thumb is that its actual capacity is 2/3 of its claimed capacity. So this battery is a 20,000mAh battery. so 2/3 times 20,000 gives you 13,320mAh, charging a Note 9(4000mAh) just about 3 times. This isn't necessarily a con as it applies to all portable chargers. ******EXPLANATION******* This is because energy is lost when the 3.7V charge of the battery is generated into a 5V charge. To get a more precise measure of the power bank you would multiply its capacity by 3.7V (voltage for the power bank) and then divide by the voltage your phone charges at (5V to 12V). In this situation, we do 20,000*3.7/5=14,800. When charging, about 10% of that energy is lost as heat. so we take away 10% leaving us with 13,320mAh of actual power. That being said it should charge my Note 9 About 3 times without it discharging(using it as it charges). ******************************* CONS - VERY SLOW wireless charging. 2% via wireless charging in 5 minutes. The phone's original fast charger does 6%, for comparison. PROS - solar charging - led flashlight (bright, dim, sos, strobe) - sturdy It's a great power bank, it will be great in emergencies due to the solar charging and sos features. Other than that I would only use it for USB charging as wireless charging is very slow.
I was a little skeptical about getting a solar powered phone charger because i have seen some bad feedback on some brands of them. The first solar power one i had was a siffetent brand than this one and it was just like the bad feedback. So After looking for the one i wanted to try after that one, i ended up choosing this one and im so happy with it. We took it with us camping the day i recieved it and it worked great and charged really well. We stayed for 3 days. I am very pleased with my purchase of this and i would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a solar power phone charger for their phone. I haven't had it for that long but it worked the first time using it, which is a good start and alot more than people can say about some of the other brand solar powered phone chargers
I really like this solar charging feature. I had one with just a single solar panel which took a VERY long time to recharge. However, I found this one to charge quickly with its 3 solar panels. 20kmah battery is powerful enough to recharge my iphone x a few times and the wireless charging feature is great. The LED light is not very bright and I think they could've put more powerful one. However, I didn't get this power bank for the LED so its ok. Also, USB C output would've been nice. Not sure how the solar will handle water as I haven't tried it and quick charge feature works well and charges my wife's samsung s8 very quickly. Good value.
This is definitely a must-have for anyone who goes camping. It has a high capacity battery and three solar panels to charge it fast. It has two output ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. You can even charge a wireless device with this charger! It is made of durable material and is rainproof. There is a LED light can be used as a regular flashlight or strobe. It is compact, folds up easily, and has a little velcro clasp to keep it secured. It is about the size of my cell, so it doesn't take up much space. You can also charge it using a USB port. The newest addition to our camping supplies.
I am so happy with this solar powered charger! I just stick it in my van window when doing errands or at home in my driveway and don't have to worry about finding another free socket to plug it into charge. It is a little heavy but extremely durable and rugged. Great for hiking or camping. Best of all, it charges fast and even had a led light with S.O.S. signal or flashlight mode And can even plug in standard plugs, not just usb! I would definitely give this as a gift for any techie or even as a safety device for a college student.
I LOVE this! Will recommend for everyone!! Can charge multiple things at once and when the battery does die for it it'll also charge my the sun so you'll always have an emergency charger. I took it with us to the theme park so our fan and phones wouldn't die and it worked amazing!!!!!! Glad I got this! It also has an LED light on it so you can see as well
This already came charged and ready to go. I put my iPhone 10x on it and it start charging right away. I like the feature that allows me to just put my phone ON it instead of plugging INTO it. This is heavier than others that I own, but it is also more powerful than anything I own. So don't buy this for portability, buy it for its power. This would be especially good to have during storms or times when power is out.
Works really well. The lights are super bright. It does not feel cheaply made. The wireless charging function is awesome. That’s probably m favorite part about it. I just wish it was more than 1mah output. The Ian poets however are much higher. They are 3mah and charges pretty quick. It completely charged my iPhone and had quite a bit of juice left. I plan to use it for long trips or flights.
This power bank lasts forever compared to the other ones I've owned. I'll lay it out when I'm driving so the solar can recharge it. It charges way faster if you plug it in though. The usb cable it comes is too short, but you can use any usb. Its really heavy, but over all its a great buy. Especially if you are outdoors a lot and cant plug it in to charge.
This portable charger is amazing. Its rugged design makes it very durable and can take a beating at time. The led light is super bring and would work with Low power. Very easy to use wireless charging. The only con i found is the weight but it doesn't bother me much because of its quality built which justifiesthe weight. h
My portable charger has helped me a lot, and I have loved it since I have had others that the battery lasts very little but this if it lasts a long time, the only problem I find is that it is heavy and that is why you have to be careful, but are very is good product and I recommend them
Solar charger!!!! You dont need any wire or cable to charge your phone! I do have a galaxy if I place in the middle perfectly it automatically charges my phone and if you use cable cord it charges faster ! No need to charge a charger because it is a solar energy saver!!
Just recieved the product and so far everything seems great! My phone was at 5% and it took about 3 hours to 100%. The flash light is extremely bright. The only thing I seem to have issues with is the wireless charger. It adds an extra 45 min to the charge and it has to sit perfectly on it to work. My other complaint is that this product is a lot heavier than expected. Taking it backpacking next week... will update my review after that!
This is a great solar charger that is able to charge my almost empty phone from a fully charge to 1 bar. The flashlight is a bonus. It takes about a day depending on how much this charger is expose to the sun, to get a 1 bar.
I have a lot of battery charging banks, this is one of my favorites. It has wirelsss Qi charging, and usb c and usb a ports. It can charge with the solar panel which is a nice touch. It’s my go to charger now when I take one with me.
This power bank is awesome. You can charge multiple devices at once, and it supports wireless charging. Manufacture recommend charging with outlet and use solar as emergency. It’s pretty cool that you can use both.
I like to be eco friendly so when i found this product, I just had to try it. And worked just as advertised. I prefer to use solar as opposed to electricity so I feel like I'm helping the environment as well.
Love how it has 3 charging panels. Will be handy in case of emergencies. Or of your out camping or hiking. cant go wrong. Ive only had to charge the carger a few times and have charged my phone to full alot.
Solid power brick. 20k is good for charging multiple types of devices and getting multiple charges with one tool. Great for when I go out with my niece who I know will run down her phone and I want to be sure there is enough power for us both to recharge if we are out all day. Holds charge well too. Recommend to others. Has a flashlight built in and used it once with no problems. Handy added feature. a little heavy but I like it b/c it feels solid and not cheap.
I believe many may find the unit a bit too heavy for a fanny pack or perhaps a lady's pocket book, but of course that really isn't what the unit is designed for. The unit has performed admirably thus far and I intend to buy this unit for some of my family and friends as the holidays approach. Having read reviews before I purchased, some of the complaints seem to be rooted in the fact that the instructions and description of the functions are a bit lacking and may lead to failed attempts top operate the unit properly.
Premium power bank. It holds a lot of charge and it works fantastic. I am very happy being able to charge on the go and even wirelessly with it. The LED also has 3 different modes and it is awesome.
This is a perfect charger for traveling. It's easy to unfold the solar panels to use them or keep them closed and use the charger to charge devices. It's portable enough to stick in a backpack without taking up too much space. The charger can easily charge a device 5+ times or even charge 2 devices at once if needed.
This thing is amazing. Its solar powered. Which is awesome for if you are camping and need a quick charge. It's also wireless so if you forgot your charging cord no problem. Dont need it.
I got exactly what they told. Very good battery life, many ports, multiple modes of flashlight,etc. The best parts I like are the solar panels and wireless charging. love this.
Wow . Multi purpose charger and that too solar. Perfect for traveling and no need to worry about power socket. Used it when went to Disney and used it a lot
Love it. It came handy when you go hiking and camping. You don’t need outlet. You have this solar phone charger, you are good to go anywhere.
This is so freaking convenient. Never get stuck with a low battery again. Just plug your phone into this & go, it’s that simple!
Awesome solar charger and battery pack. Recommend for outdoor activities. It worked right out of the box.
Really light, easy to use and great for traveling.
Just heavy, but overall great
Great product
a little heavy, but good
Very strong great power
Performed well and did as intended.
Nice powerbank.
Really heavy duty
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