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cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

Cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

100W 150W 200W
AC100-277V /50-60HZ
CE ROHS IP54 ISO9001 ISO14001
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Application Scope
CHZ Lighting's led flood light is mostly used in the following scenes.CHZ Lighting insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions based on their actual needs, so as to help them achieve long-term success.
Company Advantages
1. CHZ led tri-proof light complies with the safety standard. Tests carried out on raw yarn, finished textiles, garments, and accessories ensure the safety of the finished product.
2. The product has the advantage of fine luster which is decided by the light reflectivity, refractive index, and light absorption index.
3. Built with an eco-energy saver, it is energy keeping. It maintains efficient operation only consuming very little energy or power to operate.
4. With this product, people can stay in a quiet tranquil environment. Because there will not be noises made by annoying flickering.

Company Features
1. Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd excels in the R&D, design, and production of led tri-proof light . We have been thought of as a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer.
2. Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd's quality management system provides strong organization guarantee to the quality management.
3. led high bay light manufacturer is a fundamental tenet of an efficient and well-organized development for Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd. Inquire online! Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd is dedicated to be the top notch professional led high bay fixtures company. Inquire online! As the expression of CHZ to clients, led high-bay light is the belief of it. Inquire online! industrial high bay lights is our management tenet. Inquire online!
After a break in time of 10-12 hours , the Tribit has a clear and dynamic sound on any music I tried . Jazz , rock , classical , metal, new age . Elevated mid bass that gives it a lot of punch , and yet it is not overtly warm , a clear midrange for vocals , and good lower treble to fill in that musical spectrum . It can fill a room 15 x 20 feet and yet play at moderate enough levels to satisfy those seeking detail and transparency at lower volumes . A seductive sound quality where you will not miss the lower bass or treble as the Tribit focuses on musicality over extremes . Physically it is sturdy despite the low price , dare I say part of the enclosure sounds like it is made of wood (?) ... for that robust yet musical sound . Great job Tribit you've converted me .
The battery life on this is tremendous! The sound quality is amazing! I'm in an 1100 sq. ft. living space, no matter where I am, the sound quality is the same as if I was right there next to it with my phone. This thing gets LOUD. What I love about that though - the sound isn't compromised by having the volume cranked on both my phone and the speaker.
I bought this speaker to sit on the kitchen table and play background music for my girlfriend. The speaker amazed me. I have six bluetooth speakers, and this is easily the best. I liked it so much I just ordered an XSound Max for our cavernous bedroom for meditation music at night. Soaring, voluminous, accurate sound... very convenient. Having said that, I would add that the power cable is too short by at least a foot, and I wish they would mark the controls in a contrasting color -- I have trouble finding the on/off switch with it's 'cool' black on black design... quibbles -- great speaker.
I wasn't sure but went with the Amazon reviews and I agree, it's a great speaker for the price. Will buy another for home and car. Just less than a pound, heavier than I thought but the good sound quality and great speakers makes it all worth while.
Sounds good. Clear with some bass. I use to for music when working out and when I watch videos on my phone. I charge it about twice a week and have not had it die on me yet. It also gets pretty loud, I put it on one side of my house and when upstairs on the other side and could still make out the words in a song.
I'm not a sound pro so can't really comment on audio quality. Pro: - louder than phone speaker (since switching from a stereo front speaker phone to single bottom speaker phone...) - battery last a while before have to recharge Cons: - Easy to notice noise on low volume, but get used to it after a while - Buttons are not that easy to distinguish by touching
Great speaker. Good sound, base, battery life, and its waterproof. I use it every day, charge it occasionally, and i really enjoy it. I like the mat finish and the small loop for a lanyard. I pulled the one off they supplied and used paracord. Looks much better. Will say they should make the loop a bit larger it was hard to get the two strands of rope in.
I listen to everything from classic rock to r&b to hard trance so of course I put this speaker through it's paces. WOW! Mids and highs were clear and accurate - and not tinny, but man when I put some bass-heavy hard trance though it I was completely amazed! Don't get me wrong, it's not floor shaking bass but for what it is, this speaker does a really good job with the bass. You want this.
I take this speaker traveling all the time. Not too big but had a good sound especially for the size and cost. Fills a hotel room easily. Connects easily over Bluetooth. I also have 2 jbl flip 3 that I use in stereo. This speaker sound as good as those. But will sound close enough to just one of them.
This Little awesome Spake had greet SOUND! I had purchased the ALY speaker, It hiss great sound BUT LACKS HIGHS. This speaker. although not as loud, Had Highs. ! It seems as if it had tweeters. All around, unless driven too high, sounds balanced. I only wished that the 24 watt model that came out a few weeks after I ordered it was available.
Speaker ok overall. If I had a choice I would spend the little extra on the JBL. If you turn the volume All the way up makes a rattling sound. Also, the charging port is going bad in the one I have and have only had it for about a year or less. I’ve already had one speaker replaced because of the sound. Overall does what I need. The battery life is really good, and I generally never have connectivity issues.
I bought this to replace a Sony SRS-X3 speaker that was stolen, and I couldn't be happier...great battery life and sound! I also highly recommend you get the case made specifically for this speakerxa0 Tribit XSound Go Case, Mascarry Hard EVA Travel Carrying Case Protective Storage Bag Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker . Why invest in a great product if you're not going to take care of it?
This speaker was AWESOME for six months. People were shocked when I told them this thing was $30. However, about a month ago it started disconnecting from my phone at random. Every now and then the songs will start to stutter, like the connection isn’t strong enough. It’s still useable, but it’s annoying enough for me to want to replace it. I expected it to last longer than a year at the very least. Update: They contacted me and offered a replacement or refund, and I’m pretty okay with the experience overall.
You can’t beat this speaker for the price. I paid $31 for it, and it’s louder and clearer than my Fugoo Style. I updated the firmware and now it sounds even better. EDIT: the left speaker started making a rattling sound. I’m sending back for a replacement. Still think it’s a great value especially since I updated the firmware.
I have bought more than a few inexpensive bluetooth speakers for my various laptops. I'm generally just interested in something better than the built-in speakers on my laptop. But these are fantastic speakers for the price. I have tried the expensive Bose speakers that are about 500% more expensive and these are pretty close considering the price.
I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. The power button broke in two weeks. She probably used it five times. I didn’t keep the packaging, so I guess I’m out of luck, since I can’t return it without the box. UPDATE: The company got back to me and immediately sent me a replacement that has been working fine. Great company to work with!
The only reason that I didn't give this five stars is because the instructions were lousy. I had to YouTube how to connect the speaker to my Alexa. It took me more than a few minutes to connect it and I haven't quite figured out if my Echo speakers will play at the same time as the Tribit. On first use the Echo stopped playing and the sound only came through the Tribit speaker. The sound is nice - while it sits on my counter! I haven't moved it outside to my yard yet.
This speaker is incredible! Small and powerful. There are many like it in this price range but this is by far the best. I just returned from a weekend trip to the beach and it didn’t disappoint. There were two live bands within 150ft on each side of us and this little speaker was loud enough to drown out them both.
I had tried a smaller speaker that got great reviews but it simply did not amplify my phone beyond its usual volume so I returned it and ordered this one. So far it's working great - lots of volume and good clairy.
I mostly bought this for a small footprint speaker to use with my NUC computer and Echo Dot, and I have to say, it does a really nice job for how small it is. I’m not an audiophile and don’t really care about (or want) full fidelity surround sound whatever, but this has very decent bass and I’m quite happy to listen to music and computer audio on it. It works great with Alexa.
Works great, packs a decent punch and connects easily. However, for the money, it's not the BEST sounding speaker in this price range. It's portability and good construction makes up for the difference in sound though in my opinion as it feels a lot more "solidly built" than my angle oontz ultra 3 which happened to break from a short drop. Bass is the biggest gripe I have with this speaker or else I'd say it's the best for it's price.
Excellent speaker!! Build quality is professional, Has a very good feel, Does not feel cheap. It has beautiful rich full sound, You will think it’s coming out a speaker twice the size. Amazing the technology they put in this unit. You will not be disappointed, Don’t think about it. Buy it now!! I highly recommend...
Bought this on Amazon Day at a discount and really couldn't be happier with it. I was looking for a speaker that would give me decent sound quality outside on the deck without having connect an amp and run wires to speakers. In addition it will be great to take on vacation for use, the size is small for luggage and it is well made for travel.
I love listening to podcasts and sleeping music at night and this little device works so well that I am very pleased with it. I'm even considering buying another for a Yankee Swap at Christmas, I'm sure it will make someone's day! It was extremely easy to connect it to my phone, and the sound is very good and the battery lasts a long time..
Great Speaker! I've had several Bluetooth speakers over the years including Oontz angle, Big Jam Box, JBL Link and others and this one blows them all away. Sound quality is excellent and the volume is amazing for its size. It even feels well built in the hand. It actually has some weight to it instead of just cheap plastic. Best buy I've made in a long time.
The sound is good and all works well as advertised. The only thing is the controls are in the same deep black as the case, so are hard to see in all but good lighting conditions (candles by the pool are not good lighting conditions). A little white nail polish, etc on the raised control identifiers addresses the issue, but it'd be better if that wasn't needed.
This speaker sounds almost as good as my Bose and I can take it anywhere for an instant party. Substantial weight, great sound.
I have a lot of bluetooth speakers...this isn't the best sounding, but it's nutty good for 35 bucks. It's also nice and small so I can pack it in a carry-on very easily. Battery lasts for days...I haven't found the end of it yet. If you are looking for a cheap, no frills, great sounding bluetooth speaker, this is it.
This speaker is a little powerhouse. The sound is crisp and clear and can go pretty loud. I had a little trouble getting it to work with my echo dot but once I managed to get them to connect it was smooth sailing. This is a great little speaker for the price.
The size is perfect for on the go. Fits in my knife bag for work. The sound is tremendous. The bass is surprising for a speaker this small and at this price point. Sounds GREAT!!! I read reviews before I ordered and a lot of the 1 stars said the battery doesn't last. The first day it lasted a 7 hour work shift without needing charged. I don't know what they are talking about.
The Tribit Xsound go is in a good form factor and has good battry life. The sound volume is just acceptable. Bass is almost.. non existent. I kept in mind the price a paid and 3 stars is a bit low but definitely not deserving of 4 stars. Update: there customer service is great Tribit can have that 4th star now.
I don't know how it's done but I really like the BIG sound from this handy little speaker. Any sound available on your smartphone such as media or calls, can be put through via Bluetooth. Indoors and out, upstairs and down, good sounds everywhere! Sounds as good as portable speakers costing 4 to 5 times as much as this one.
xa0This IS NO pushover for sure. I was really surprised when i turned this on, the clarity is wonderful and full. I bout several of these, at once, the oontz 3 Ultra, Anker Soundcore 2 and the TaoTronics 14 watt. Tribit has such a clear reproduction of music and bass that at no point becomes muddy or weak, however, i will say that the Oontz 3 Ultra is louder with a much more bigger bass, but it does NOT give as rich a reproduction as the Tribit which captures the trebles and bass PERFECTLY. The Oontz 3 ultra is perfect for a party because of it's loudness, bass and "bigness", but it does not bring everything to the front like the Tribit does. This is just a BEAUTIFUL piece of machinery that the Anker doesn't hold a match to, and even though the Oontz 3 is my go to when i want bigness, the Tribit is just soooooo worth the money. Try it, you can alway return it, but i bet you wont!!! you really have to hear this speaker to believe it. If it could get louder, and it does get loud, but not BIG LOUD, it would be other wordly. To the makers of this product....HATS OFF!!! I included a video on a stylus 3 plus phone, so the sound reproduction isn't great..and some of the music -pop life, raspberry beret are not remastered, but here it is. When you hear the beep, it means that it can't get any louder, and i had the Tribit at it's loudest, and as you can see the clarity is not to be questioned. I hope this helps you all. peace and love. I would get this and the Oontz 3 ultra. But Tribit is just WONDERFUL!! And the Taotronics is worth it, but HANDS DOWN...Tribit is a MUST HAVE!
I'm admittedly very careful with my online purchases because I usually want a nice deal but also a quality product. Oftentimes, you get one but not the other, and this especially applies with electronics. That's why I researched extensively into cheap yet solid Bluetooth speakers and came across this one as an option. After I ruled out all the others (by reading reviews, watching demo vids, ect.), I bought this one at $38 in part because of all the great reviews and in part because I hoped it'd be a good investment. Turns out, as soon as I got it, I was pleasantly surprised by its tremendous sound and bass. My previous speaker (a Craig) couldn't even amplify the bass whatsoever and only had 3W output, but this small speaker packs a punch at a total of 12W - you can literally feel the bass when holding the speaker! I've been using it daily for chores, swimming outside, showering, and more, and I love its long charge life (about a day) and its great, crisp sound! If you're looking for a nice and affordable speaker, this is the one to go with! IN SHORT: Pros: - Excellent, crisp sound with a solid bass - Sleek design with easy to use buttons - Great range, portability, and battery life - Affordable!! Great investment Cons: - Sometimes lags when paired with video - Nothing else so far!!
Wow, this thing's sound exceeds expectations. Being waterproof & having halfway decent sound were my two big requirements. I originally purchased a Trendwoo Pocket ($20) wireless speaker and while it looked great, worked great, and sounded pretty good for how small & light it is it just couldn't put out enough oomph for my needs. So I bought a Photive Hydra ($30-40). Little bit more sound out of it, little bit better low end, and a high waterproof rating (IPX66) and is rugged so you can drop it. I always thought the sound quality should be a little better but the durability & waterproof aspects seemed a reasonable tradeoff & I was happy with it. the one dislike was the power switch being under a cover instead of being a button, so you have to open & close the cover to turn off/on every time. I finally dropped it from too high, (over 6 feet) onto hardwood & broke it. I did some homework & decided to stay under $50 with my replacement, settling on the Tribit. Holy cow. The bass clearly scales with volume. At low-mid volumes I'm *very* surprised how much bass this little guy puts out. At high volume it's pretty thin. But even as I say that, it's still got better low end at high volume than any other bluetooth speaker at this size & price range I've ever used and it's volume is outrageous. Like wth, this little speaker has no business getting so loud. I'm honestly quite impressed. This speaker is quite hefty so it feels very solid, it's a soft matte/eggshell black that's texture feels kinda soft & is good for grip & doesn't easily take fingerprints. Buttons are a tad tough to press but look good & feel pretty good. I didn't realize it would have a lanyard, which is nifty I guess. This thing sounds so good I'd pay a little more for a 'rugged' version that could withstand moderate drops, but if this is in your price range & has the functions you need then get it, it's amazing.
xa0It is surprised at this price to find Trinity XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a very solid speaker, that has outstanding volume and rich bass. It’s a great looking speaker,really small with waterproof and built-in mic,and lightweight for taking.On a full charge the recharge battery allows for up to 24 hours of playtime.Definitely recommend to everyone who needs a fantastic speaker.
I’m really impressed with this little speaker! I didn’t want to spend a ton of money since I wasn’t sure if I would use it often, but now I’m finding that it’s always on! The sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small and relatively inexpensive speaker. The volume has great range- my kids enjoy turning it up as loud as it will go and having dance parties in the kitchen. The depth of sound is pretty great too. I plug mine in frequently, so I haven’t really tested out the battery life. But if you’re on the fence, I can solidly recommend this one. Just do it!
My car is old enough to not have an input or Bluetooth option for playing music or podcasts through my phone. I just wanted something cheap that would make my commute more bearable. I didn't need it to have great sound quality since I can listen to music through my car speakers with my old iPod or even my archaic CDs. I wanted a cheap Bluetooth speaker mainly for podcasts. I chose this particular speaker based mainly on the price. I didn't need anything fancy. For what I paid, (I recall around $30 or so) I can't think of a purchase I've made in recent memory that delivered as much value for the dollar as this. I purchased it a little more than two months ago but I wanted to run it through its paces before posting a review. The sound quality from this little thing is so much better than what I expected from a $30 speaker. For perspective, the speaker I had planned to buy before finding this one was close to $100 and was far less portable. I wedge this speaker between my hand brake and passenger seat. I haven't used my car speakers since I got this. I originally thought I'd use my car speakers for music and this thing for podcasts but the sound is good enough to just use this exclusively. The battery time is ridiculous. I've only had to charge it a couple of times. It lasts forever. This speaker exceeded all expectations.
Returned, and bought the ANKER. Return was smooth. UPDATE: I orig gave this 1 star and returned it, then bought the anker. Proceeded to buy 2 more ankers because they sound so good. well, Tribit contacted me and apologized for my experience, and offered to send me one for free. I AM NOT A PAID REVIEWER or anything like this. Just a normal amazon customer. So I was like...ok. So when I recieved the Tribit - it did sound better than the first one I got. I did a test of the sound compared to the anker and while both were VERY similar, there was a small improvement in sound with the anker, but negligible. SO, that said, this product isnt bad and it is small, stylish and very portable. I cannot speak to the battery length becuae another family memner has adopted it now, but overall I am very pleased with the customer service at tribit and I have purchased other tribit products that I love (wireless ear buds).
I compared the XSound Go with a plethora of different speakers; the AmazonBasics 'Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker', Anker SoundCore 2, and a Ultimate Ears Boom 2. Cost wise this guy slotted in between the ultra-cheap AB & Anker, but sound wise was almost identical to the Anker. While the AB sounded pretty good by itself, it was clearly blown away by the range & fidelity of both the Tribit and the Anker. Fidelity wise, both of the latter approached that of the UE Boom 2, but its winning strengths are more power / battery life, and ability to produce 360 degree "room-filling" sound (less directional). An unexpected feature was the Boom's D-ring attachment point; i tied a ball bungee to mine and realized i can now safely attach it to just about anywhere. As the Tribit and Anker are essentially peers in both size, power, waterproof rating & shape, the two winning upsides for the Tribit are the attachment point, and its cup holder / bottle cage friendly shape. Combined means you've got a killer stereo for your next ride that can safely slide into your bottle cage & tie to your downtube. Bottom Line: The three BT speakers most commonly reviewed as the best budget options (CNET, Gizmodo, blah blah) are the Anker Soundcore 2, Oonzt Angle 3 Plus & Tribit XSound Go - and they are nearly identically in spec & cost (all currently on sale for $29-35). Because the Tribit is bottle cage & tie-down friendly, it gets my vote.
I've been using this for about 10 months now. Up until the other day it worked great. Handled ice water, drops, and dust just fine. Speaker was loud enough to hear with ear plugs in while in a noisy warehouse environment. Sound quality for the price was pretty darn good too. Now it doesn't turn on so I contacted Tribit. I'll see what they say and how their warranty process is. Products fail, it's how the companies handle said failure, especially while the product is still under warranty. I've previously contacted Tribit support for a firmware update that I read about in reviews or the internet to correct the out of sync issues. Support replied in a timely manner and supplied me with the firmware update and instructions on how to update it. So in that one instance support has been great. Only reason 3 stars right now is product only lasted 10 months, depending on how the warranty process goes I'll adjust the rating later. *update* Contacted support and they got back to me quickly. I asked if there was a way to reset the speaker to try to revive it that way. They sent back an email with my address to confirm that it was correct. I was then told a replacement was going to be sent out. So less than a week from first email I had my speaker replaced. Hard to fault that quick turn around from customer support.
What a great buy for the price. Very sturdy construction and quality materials used in manufacturing. Worked right out of box and connected to Bluetooth in seconds. Sound quality is exceptional giving its size . Bass and treble mix is very strong and stable. So far I'm extremely pleased with this purchase . It should definitely do the trick for quick and easy outdoor entertainment . Going to purchase the travel case which is also inexpensive .
xa0I have 2 Anker speaker soundcore 2 has faults. Tried Tribit perfect sound and bass. Tribit to me lowers anker to a 5 out of 10 Tribit 9
I just received mine, and the reviews are true - this thing is a tiny powerhouse! Very clean and stable sound, even at high levels. Amazing in this little package. I had an older bluetooth speaker that was highly rated from a few years back, and this thing beat it soundly.
This is a nice little sound bar. The quality of sound is wonderful and so very handy to carry around. Haven't had it long enough to review the battery life, but so far this is great purchase.
Great sound quality but does not work when phone is even 30 feet from tribit yet alone 66 feet. Otherwise, an awesome product. Must have!
It is a pretty cool accessory for hanging with friends, especially when having BBQ party. I like this cute little guy which amazingly has pretty nice sound. Very easy to set up as well.
This has become my favorite little speaker. It’s very loud and the base sounds good. It’s a small speaker and it’s pretty heavy. I’ve used it in the shower and for small gatherings. My cat is very fond of the string attached to it. The battery life is really good. I use it often for a couple of hours each time. I’ve only charged it twice since I got it and it’s been a couple of months. I’ve dropped it a few times and it’s still good.
This little speaker is simply AMAZING!!!! I was very skeptical about the size and the price of this little guy. The sound is very rich. I would recommend this product to everyone that enjoys listening to music.
For it's price point it sounds great (and loud!) and is built like a tank. I had the thing fully submerged on my paddleboard a few times and it just kept on playing when it came back up. No issues with bluetooth. I gave it 4 stars for the battery b/c I haven't really tested it but it also isn't a bid deal for me.
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