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cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

Cost-effective led high bay fixtures custom design stadiums

100W 150W 200W
AC100-277V /50-60HZ
CE ROHS IP54 ISO9001 ISO14001
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Application Scope
CHZ Lighting's led flood light is mostly used in the following scenes.CHZ Lighting insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions based on their actual needs, so as to help them achieve long-term success.
Company Advantages
1. CHZ led tri-proof light complies with the safety standard. Tests carried out on raw yarn, finished textiles, garments, and accessories ensure the safety of the finished product.
2. The product has the advantage of fine luster which is decided by the light reflectivity, refractive index, and light absorption index.
3. Built with an eco-energy saver, it is energy keeping. It maintains efficient operation only consuming very little energy or power to operate.
4. With this product, people can stay in a quiet tranquil environment. Because there will not be noises made by annoying flickering.

Company Features
1. Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd excels in the R&D, design, and production of led tri-proof light . We have been thought of as a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer.
2. Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd's quality management system provides strong organization guarantee to the quality management.
3. led high bay light manufacturer is a fundamental tenet of an efficient and well-organized development for Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd. Inquire online! Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd is dedicated to be the top notch professional led high bay fixtures company. Inquire online! As the expression of CHZ to clients, led high-bay light is the belief of it. Inquire online! industrial high bay lights is our management tenet. Inquire online!
Fantastic quality, weight and sound. Highly recommend!
I love this little speaker! It is perfect for what I wanted. I set it on a bedside table to listen to TV, music, and videos. The speaker is very close to me and has a nice sound quality.
Great quality sound ,price and Function The perfect thing for the backyard or the park or beach..
excellent product--a real powerhouse and solid clear sound. Excellent customer service-- a combination hard to find.
I love it It has the best sound and bass I have ever herd from a tiny speaker
I purchased this speaker in August 2018. I like the size and I like the sound of the speaker. What I really liked the best is the customer service! My speaker started to malfunction and their customer service was quick to respond to my emails and to solve my issue. Thanks again!!
The best for the money
Never thought I would say this, but this speaker is TOO loud on volume level one streaming from my iPhone. I have it at my desk at work and really need a volume level of 1 to be a lower level. Any way to change/fix this? There does not appear to be a way to change this. Will just not be able to use indoors in an area where I need low volume.
great sound for such a small speaker, couldn't be happier with this purchase. Battery life is great, I work outdoors and my old speaker was always shutting down before the my work day was over, with this speaker I can work 10 hrs straight and the speaker keeps going. Love it.
Absolutely love it!!! Surpassed all my expectation!!! Especially at this price!! I was buying this for my son, but now I think to buy one for my self!! The sound of this little speaker at this small price is simply amazing!!! Definitely, recommend it to everyone!!
The highs and mids are okay but the bass is amazing! The battery life is so so. The build quality is solid and I like the fact that it’s IPX7. Very happy with this speaker!
Such a great blue tooth speaker and especially for the price. The sound quality is awesome. I highly recommend!
Impressive sound quality out of this small form factor. Bass response was unexpectedly good as well. Purchased for casual listening, but has become part of my travel packing for all outdoor activities.
What a great little speaker! I've used it in the shower, with no ill effect. It's got wonderful sound quality, and the battery lasts forever!
I’ve been using this in the shower for about a month now. I have yet to charge it since I got it! No problems to date.
Really good sound! I teach PE and use this in my gym. I do mic it over my sound system. Easy to work!
I love my Tribit! This little thing packs a punch and keeps on going! It's a little heavier then I expected, but not too bad.
The Tribit XSound Go is a real bargain! It works great and for this type of product it sounds excellent.
I had the speaker for a little over a year. It died??? The company is replacing it as I speak. The sound is excellent when it was working! The company responded slowly but, has taking care of the situation. Yes I would buy. Tribit speaker again.
This is a very price-positive, portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker system. I can easily travel with it wherever I go via plane, train or automobile. The review I read here was accurate and on-point. Kudos, TriBit!!
Awesome, deep sound from such a little speaker. It's amazing. Totally happy with this purchase.
Nice and compact
Love it
I was looking at bose Bluetooth speakers but vet pricey. After reading reviews and comparisons this lol guy got in the mix. Much more affordable. I wasn't disappointed in the sins quality. Don't know about battery life yet.
Quick delivery. Speaker sounds great. For the price this speaker is a really great value!
It took me awhile to really use this product consistently, but I'm glad I did. I have a stubborn bulldog mix that had lots of bad habits that were getting worse over time. I looked into sending her away to a local training camp that was very expensive. When I got their paperwork, one of the terms of agreement was you had to buy and use this model of training collar. Before spending thousands of dollars, I decided to try to train her myself using this collar and send her to camp if it didnt work since I would have to buy and learn to use the collar either way. Personally, I think they could make this product easier to use - I had to read the manual a few times and look at some training videos online. I was confused with the settings - I ended up following an online video of a dog trainer advising to just set it to M / C and start around level 24. I tested it on my hand - it doesnt hurt, just a buzzing really that makes my dog uncomfortable/anxious but not in pain. My dogs biggest problems were leash pulling, not listening to come/sit, jumping on our bed and - worst of all - aggression toward other dogs, usually while on walks. She progressed to such a bad attitude that she started snapping at my husband and I when we would try to make her do something she didn't want to do - usually, go outside for potty or get off our bed. I started using this collar to work on a few of the milder issues first- leash pulling, come and sit - before the big issues involving her aggression and challenging of authority. These were things I could do outside on walks, so I reasoned that if she took the collar training badly she would not necessarily associate it/ take it out on me or the home environment. I HIGHLY recommend that you leave the collar on for a day or so before using it and starting outside the home environment. You want them to think it's a natural consequence, and if they do get really scared at first you dont want them to associate that with you or your home. I was afraid her fear may make her more aggressive, so I didnt want to use it in my bed (where she snaps/challenges me when I remove her) or around other dogs at first for fear of making things worse. When I began to use the remote, I was unsure for the first 48 hours because she did have extra anxiety and I was not sure it was a good idea or if it would make her more neurotic. But, I stuck with it, taking my time, backing off a little bit and watching her and practicing walking, sitting, coming every day outside for 10-30 minutes. Whenever she pulled on the leash or ignored a command, I pressed it on until she corrected. When she pulled on the leash I pulled her back toward me, firmly but not aggressively, while pressing it. She learned very quickly that listening to my commands made the uncomfortable feeling go away - its not so much a punishment as a communication/queue for them to listen to the owner. Also I would reward her with positive reinforcement (treats and attention) on many of the times she would come or sit. In just a week she has improved 95%. Its amazing. She walks beautifully, comes, sits and stays without fail. After the first 4 days when her anxiety about the buzzing decreased, I started using it in the house as well for come/sit as well as not jumping on the bed and commands to go outside for potty. Since she was already used to the corrections, this went fine. Today on a walk we came across other dogs, usually a scenario that brings out her very worst - barking, yelping, jumping, snarling and snapping. Using the skills we have been practicing, I ordered her to sit and stay while letting the dogs pass on the other side of the road. The couple times she was too excited to listen, I used the remote to buzz when she didn't sit right away and that got her attention to listen to me and sit. It's a simple thing, but a miracle to anyone that knows my dog - I used to only walk her with a muzzle and with helper because she could get so out of hand. I have gotten knocked down and scratched before when she would get excited trying to lunge at a dog or squirrel - she is very strong. Now walks are actually fun! I suggest learning to use this, watch online videos, read some dog blogs (my favorites are 'the good dog' and 'dog gone problems'). Also important to practice fundamentals of 'petting with a purpose' and making them wait for a command to eat, things I started doing a few months before the collar training that didnt solve everything but I think helped prime the dog to see me as the leader. I cant emphasize enough to start slow with the remote to avoid freaking the dog out - a lot of bad behavior comes from anxiety and fear, you don't want to make it worse. You want to make it feel like a natural occurrence they can control and give them time to get used to it - in my case, she learned very quick. Good luck!
It's been just over a year since I've had this e collar and it's still working perfectly. Even though I drop it in ponds, lakes, and yes even deer/cow pies. Out of the 100 levels you choose from both of my dogs are under level 15 for their working levels. (To find your dogs working level you start at 0 in a no distraction area and work your way up until you find the level where they barely notice it. So if they are yelping/screaming/jumping the collar is way too high or you bought a Chinese knock off collar.) mind you I don't physically feel the collar on my body until around level 11. We only use the e collar to grab their attention, that's it. So if a dog see's a deer or another dog and recall fails they are "tapped" with a stimulation to remind them of "hey mom is calling you, go back to her." Or you can put it on continuous mode. Which is what we use. It means that weird feeling on their neck does not go away until they are turned around and coming back to me. Then the pressure is released. We never use it at levels where they are yelping or jumping. The only reason we are turning it up is because recall as failed and for their safety they need to come back when I call them no matter the distraction. The highest level they have seen is 35. Recall failed and they were chasing a deer. I tapped them once with that level and they both turned around and came back. I have felt the e collar on my hands, arms, and even neck all the way up to 100. It's a muscle stimulus. It's not causing physical pain or burning. Its the same technology as a TENS unit. It's sending a message to your brain that this is a weird feeling and I don't like it. For us it means we have reliable recall or matter the situation we are in. I rarely have to use the remote anymore. This is our insurance policy for them off leash. We first train positively then layer an e collar to proof the command. Once I felt our e collar I was amazed how it felt like the TENS unit at my chiropractor. I actually have used it on my back knots and my husbands back knots before. What's interesting is on some dogs the vibrate is more punishing to them then taking a tap of the stim. The vibrate is so intense and powerful to a dog that some will freak it or blow through it. Camber blows through it but Akira will yelp and even jump. So we never use it since she finds the vibrate aversive. Now not every dog needs an e collar but in the right hands on the right dog it can really help with recall and other basic commands like heeling or gun dogs. I'm very happy I opened my mind up to this type of training. I was turned down by 3 positive dog trainers with Camber that said at the end of training that he will never be trusted off leash around dogs and wildlife.... now? We spend 99% of the time off leash. They are both happy to be off leash and their quality of life has skyrocketed. Off leash hiking is the best thing for my dogs. I cried the first time Camber was off leash this past summer. To see him running around a field happy as can be was amazing to me. We tried every other method in the book to train recall when a distraction is present but no hot dog or whatever the treats was would get him back. I could slap him in the face with steak and he would still ignore me because chasing a deer is a higher value then the cookie I have for him. This tool in the wrong hands can cause some major damage.... but in the right hands and with proper training this tool will help your dog bloom and enjoy that off leash freedom that they crave and want. I don't think every dog needs an e collar but this was our last resort for them to get that off leash freedom and I don't regret one second or penny of it. No matter how much and often I train my dogs they are still dogs and have instincts. Sometimes training will become second and nature will take over. I want to be as prepared as possible to ensure my dogs can be off leash but safe. The moment we see people/wildlife/dogs anything or anyone they are put back on leash for everyones safety and we move to the side of the trail. Think of it like this, you are an awesome driver right? You obey the laws of the road and consider yourself a defensive driver. But you still wear I seat belt because you cannot control the people driving around you. You cannot control the deer that jumps out in front of your car at night and you hit it. The seat belt will save your life. Just like an e collar could save your dogs life!
Not weeks or even days! This collar helped reform my dog in minutes. I have an 8 month old Cane Corso and once I found her conditioning level, her behavior changed within just a few minutes. Now my dog was already well behaved, but she struggled with the come command when she was in our fenced in back yard or anytime without a leash. Once the collar was on and she knew that the stimulation, along with the verbal command meant to come when called, she immediately started to listen. I even took her into the front yard which is not fenced in and she listened and followed me around without hesitation. We camp a lot along rivers and family campgrounds where the area is unfenced and I don’t want to leave her leashed the whole time. Now I don’t have to worry about her wandering off or not listening. I did a lot of research on the different collars and was torn between buying the mini educator or a Dogtra collar. However, after research, watching YouTube videos, and the plethora of testimonials I decided to go with the mini educator. I am so glad that I did. I love the fact that both the receiver and the transmitter are water proof and float, as we spend a lot of time on rivers and lakes. Be sure to read the manual because it gives a lot of useful Information. Also, my dog didn’t respond on momentary stimulation but immediately responded to continuous. Another thing I bought was the quick release collar which has also worked like a charm. I paid full price for this collar and didn’t receive anything for my review, and I know that sometimes these reviews can be deceiving. This collar works like a charm.
This product work extremely well at first. On a relatively low setting, my high-energy 10 month old puppy responded to prompts to "place" and "come." We accomplished more in two days than we had with 16 weeks of dog training classes. Unfortunately, within one month, the device malfunctioned. It would not hold a charge and become completely ineffective. I am grateful to Amazon. I called and they offered to replace the device free of charge. Hopefully the new one will not have the same defect as the original. If the device functioned properly, I would have given a 5 star rating.
My mini educator gives me the freedom to take my pups to restaurants and on walks without fear of dog reactivity. It's just a tool not magic so make sure you use a trainer and understand how to teach the dog the language of the ecollar (Sean O'Shea at The Good Dog or Blake Rodriguez of Dream Come True K9). But I LOVE it. And I love the tail wagging waddle I get when the pups see me take it out of the drawer, such happy pups.
We have a Chihuahua (8lb) and a bully mix (70lb of pure muscle)... very different dogs! This works well for both dogs. We wasted our money on a cheapy-one first, but we splurged on this one (at our trainer's recommendation) and so glad we switched...the cheapy version (#1 seller on Amazon) at level 1 was the same zap as this unit at level 20! We couldn't believe the difference. Plus this unit was a little smaller/flatter than the cheapy which makes a difference for the Chihuahua. You cut the collar to size - we could only afford 1 unit at this price, but I'd rather swap between dogs than use that cheapy one ever again on either of them. We tried it on ourselves first at increasing levels and it wasn't painful at all for either of us until after level 20. I am much happier knowing that I can "communicate" with my dog with more of a tap on the shoulder than a big ZAP, as that was our purpose of getting it : off-leash communication, not punishment. We couldn't even feel it at level 1. That is how it should be. I can't imagine ever needing all of the levels available! There is a Boost button to quickly increase the zap for emergencies (like if he starts to go after someone). I think it skips up 10 levels from your setting. Our trainer says she's had this model for 3 years and she uses it every day and really likes it. She says it's waterproof, but we haven't tested that out yet, so I can't confirm or deny that. In summary, if you're debating between this and the $40-ish version, I highly recommend this one instead! If you can pair it with a professional trainer that can help you use it, even better! I recommend at least watching some YouTube videos on how to use it. It was very eye-opening for us as we always thought this tool was about punishment, but that is not the intention.
Oh MAN is this working. We rescued a 10 month old Australian shepherd mix who had severe anxiety, never learned manners, and was a howler. We quickly learned just how destructive he is from a foot and a half long hole in a wall that he chewed, and received complaints from neighbors about his screaming. just a few days in, and the most you get it a start of a tipping bark before pressing just vibrate to convince him to stop. he has also learned boundaries like not entering my daughters room just through the vibration, and a couple blips of the shock at 25 out of 100 has convinced him that chasing the cats just isnt worth it. we were almost ready to throw the towel in and send him back to the rescue. now, hes settling in beautifully and is happy just to hang out, and sleeps quietly in his crate. UPDATE 4/17/2019 This company is amazing! i called the educator because the transmitter failed and no longer kept a charge when this sat idle for several months. my call was really just to troubleshoot and see if i was missing steps. the rep was super helpful and is sending me a replacement transmitter. i guess these have to be kept up with charge regularly to maintain it? regardless, if i ever need another collar, itll be via this brand for sure!!
This a wonderful training collar. I investigated all brands before I purchased this one. All have negatives, but so far this one is perfect-no problems as of yet!
Good product but don't have heart to use on dogs.
Tried a couple of other devices which either broke after 1 week or were ineffective. This was recommended by a friend. This was on the high end for pricing but quite worth it. Highly recommend the investment if you are in the market for a training device. The vibration effect is all that needd
The seller was great to work with. Don't waste your money on cheap electronic training aids. I bought cheap the first time and my K-9 regressed. I have the E Collar Mini Educator and it is by far superior to any other I have used.
Convenient and a necessary tool to modifícate any behavior.
This system is easy to use, and customer service for the product is top notch.
Works very well. Rarely need to use the shock as the vibration usually is enough to bring her back.
Works great with my Queensland heeler and Mini Pin.
The sound and the bass i love it
Great sound. Nice bass. Decently loud.
Brackets take a little work but seems secure once in place matches the roll bar radius
I just installed this on our ship. It would have been nice if it came with instructions, any instructions. There is an easily overlooked tape wrapped around the cord explaining which color wire is for the load and which color wire is for the neutral. There is absolutely no other instruction that comes with this product, including any instruction on how to install the brackets. You need to be able to puzzle out the entire installation on your own. There are two very small screws about 2 inch long with very small nuts on them. Those have to go through the mounting bars and hang loosely until you snap the light into the mounting bars. Then you have to tighten those screws up to put tension on the mounting bars or else the lamp will slide back and forth through the mounting bars. As to the lamp itself something was rattling around inside but when I attached the wiring the lamp came on and it seems to be working fine so I'm not going to attempt to take it apart and find out what's rattling around inside. It puts out a lot of light and for the money I think it's worth the annoyance of having to figure out the installation yourself.
This fixture is great! I've installed many light fixtures in my life and this one does not disappoint. The first one I bought to use as an indirect light above a kitchen sink on my personal Amazon account and it is very bright, very accurate color temperature. I've since bought four more through my work Amazon account for installation in restrooms to replace fluorescent fixtures. Great bang for the buck!
I Love the e collar
This is a great product!
Top notch e-collar right here if you are in the market for an e-collar you best get this one it's awesome.
I've been very happy with this unit so far. It has made a big difference in our ability to train our 1 yr old Black Lab. Very well behaved outdoors now. I highly recommend this product.
Very effective, we actually didn't need the long haired prong attachment. After a few corrections, our dog responds to the vibrate mode. Barking problem reduced by 95% in less than a week. Now we'll work on him sneaking stuff off of the kitchen counter.
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