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Create comfortable temperature college team developing new LED warm white

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-05

it is understood that the wenzhou university school of chemical and materials engineering team developed a new type of LED lighting, with high color rendering, low color temperature of high-end light source, creating comfortable and warm white.

today, on the market for lights and method of the construction of the white LED landscape lighting is coated on the blue semiconductor chip yellow phosphor, but this kind of method of synthetic white light due to the lack of red component in the spectrum, color temperature higher than 6000 K, color rendering index below 70, showed that cold white light. When the lights illuminate the object, the object color distortion, give a person a kind of cool feeling.

in addition, because commercial nitrides main patent held by European and American countries, the domestic market dominated by foreign companies, which makes our country in LED development and production is restricted by a certain degree.

Zhu Mengmeng team chief, said 'we are seeing in the domestic market of LED lights, smart, determined to make China usher LED market xintiandi, is no longer stick a card, with runners. '

in view of the current white LED slants cold white light, the student team was prepared with independent intellectual property rights series Mn4 + doped fluoride luminescent material, the material can absorb blue light, white LED chip and emits red light. By improving the synthesis process, improve the luminous efficiency, optimize the microstructure of materials. Do not contain rare earth, and the material can be synthesized in the air, is conducive to industrialization.

project advisor Pan Yuexiao professor said: 'the team products with raw materials of low cost, high luminous efficiency, good thermal stability, the absorption energy released into light energy generally over 90%, the proportion of the visual effects to achieve a good improvement, is a good substitute for LED lights on the market at present. '

compared with existing business nitride LED lights on the market, new LED with independent intellectual property rights, team design products is now 17 master Chinese invention patents, domestic independent production and sales of new LED lights, broke the red phosphors unable to export restrictions.

at present, the products in the related enterprises has entered a stage of small, the enterprise with LED tube and product performance test data show that the team in the synthesis of fluorescent pretty can effectively compensate the current commercial yellow blue two colors of white LED red light composition, color rendering index increased significantly, can satisfy the medical, museums, shopping malls and other high-end lighting, realize the competition from European and American countries.

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