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Cyprus, tesla nagorno-karabakh city upgrade street lighting with LED lights, is expected to energy saving of 67%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-31

according to foreign media reports, the Mediterranean countries larnaca, Cyprus and local power bureau ( EAC) Has signed the LED street lamp lighting supply and installation contract, the move is expected to bring 67% of the energy saving effect.

power bureau to upgrade to install a total of 8300 LED street lamp lighting, the total cost of about 1. 38 million euros ( About 10. 58 million yuan) , including eight years of maintenance and maintenance of the old lamps and lanterns.

the city government said the replacement bulbs can reduce power consumption, also can reduce the cost of municipal authorities to pay electricity. Expected to larnaca, can save about 500000 euros a year, About 3. 83 million yuan) , it will reduce pollutants at the same time, and lighting quality will be better.

the road lighting replacement is expected to start at the end of December, and will be completed in 2020 at the end of may.

in Europe, phasing out incandescent light bulb is and must be replaced new lighting technology, energy saving and environmental protection.

the implementation of the new LED technology can not only save energy, still can save money, long service life, street lighting maintenance cost can be reduced by 50% to 70%. In addition, the leds to provide a clear vision for the driver, especially in bad weather conditions. At the same time, incandescent lamp is better than LED lights to attract migratory birds at night.

just the initial cost is more, but because of the power and the maintenance cost is very high, is expected to return soon.

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