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Daily care and cleaning methods of solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
The energy-saving, environmentally friendly, noble and elegant solar garden lights have won unanimous praise from people. The cleaning of solar garden lights is to extend the service life of solar garden lights very well. So, today we will talk to you about the cleaning and maintenance of solar garden lights.
How to clean solar garden lights:
1. Clean the interior of the lighting: first turn off the lamp when cleaning the bulb, and you can remove the bulb separately when wiping. If you want to clean directly on the lamp, do not turn the bulb clockwise to avoid the lamp cap from being over-tightened and peeling off.
2. Solar garden lighting is generally prone to dust. When cleaning, wipe it with a damp cloth, and keep the movement in the same direction, do not rub it back and forth, and the strength of the wiping should be moderate.
Maintenance of solar garden lights:
1. Don't hang items on the lamp, such as drying quilts, etc.;
2. Frequent switching will greatly reduce its service life, so when using lamps, try to minimize the switching of lamps;
3. If the lampshade is found to be tilted during use or cleaning, it should be corrected by hand to keep it beautiful;
4. When adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoiding the three-pronged bracket in the lamp to reflect dark shadows when the lamp is on;
In fact, the cleaning and maintenance of solar garden lights is very simple. Knowing some of the above knowledge of solar garden lights, as long as we do it carefully.

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