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Dalian economy into the beautiful CARDS at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-12

recently, Beijing is the city 'night' layout, make the city 'night' landmark, upgrade the city 'night' business circle, and cultivating the city 'night' life circle, a Beijing flavour is dye-in-the-wood 'emperor' economic contour surface at night.

economy generally refers to at night from 6 PM on the day to what happened in the morning at 6 tertiary services business activities. For many people, especially young people, 9 PM, may be just beginning, nightlife, even some people just go off work. People are busy and overworked one day like 'hi' in the night, through the different ways of leisure, entertainment, consumption and so on to relieve stress, rich life, improve the quality of life.

as liaoning province and even the development of economy in northeast China's largest and most dynamic and potential of one of the city, the night in dalian economy have sufficient imaginary space. Economic activity is not high, but the night in dalian at night consumption scale, heat, convenient degree is not enough, there is still potential for economic development of night.

dalian night economy development in many aspects: to extend the time of store business, improve lighting, extend the traffic at night, night shift bus lines, encryption, number and facilitate public travel; Held various food festival, food festival, festival, seafood festival activities, guide the brand catering enterprises to extend the business hours, to do the food and beverage market consumption scale during the night. Economy is not only to eat and drink at night to play, of course, you should also consider for young people with high level requirements to provide bookstores, libraries and other cultural services, to meet consumer demand, to promote healthy development of dalian economy at night.

look forward to dalian economy is getting better and better at night, believe that the night dalian economy will become a beautiful card.

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