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Daqing city to promote marketization of street lights maintenance city 2. 20000 streetlights by city firms take over

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-01

in order to further enhance the level of city lighting and daqing city urban management bureau have 2. 20000 streetlights, more than 300 landscape lighting facilities to the marketization of municipal urban construction investment company is responsible for the maintenance and management.

in order to achieve marketing goals, daqing city urban management bureau throw lights on the city city management center to carry out the lighting brighten the assessment work and if they do not have the street light is bright, light pole, serious rust, such problems as lack of lamps and lanterns, light pole tilts, supervision responsibility unit with rectification immediately. The reporter understands, due to save electricity, associated with the enterprise benefit city, for the street lamp management center is embarking on existing street lamp switch to more energy-saving LED lights, lights in the guarantee rate of various high-tech measures save electricity, including strict control lighting time, put an end to waste, the street lamp power through the remote street lamp control system, unified adjust the way the light is light time etc on a regular basis.

the street light the elaborating management requirements is popularized to district, daqing city will create more elaborate maintenance management, improve the urban functions, more saving measures of lighting, more harmonious environment at night.

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