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dark sensor ( light sensor / automatic street light )

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-26
This is my new simple electronic project about automatic street light control system or dark sensor.
This is a simple and powerful concept that uses transistors (BC 547 NPN)
As a switch to automatically turn the street light system on and off.
When the sun shines below the visible area of our eyes, it automatically turns on the light. (e.
Evening behind the day g).
When the sun shines on it, it automatically turns off the light (e. g in morning )
, By using a sensor called LDR (
Optical dependent resistance)
Feel the Light like our eyes.
The switch does not require manual operation. . . Parts:-
* 1 BC547 transistor * 1 220 k resistor * 1 330 ohm resistor * 1 LED (any colour )
* 1 9 v battery * 1 battery clip * 1 LDR (
Optical dependent resistance)
* Connecting lines * flasks and wires * stripping * Cutting off simple circuits is now ready to be tested.
Connect 9 vbattery terminals to the circuit as shown in the figure and view the output.
When you block the light from falling on the resistance that depends on the light (LDR), LED light.
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