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Delhi, India will be installed 200000 streetlights, in order to improve the security of women

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-11

chief minister of Delhi, India Arvind Kejriwal announced that the city will begin to install 210000 streetlights, and said the move would eliminate dark spots and improve the security of women. In September he announced 'Mukhyamantri Street Light Yojana' plan.

Kejriwal said: 'the project of street lamp installation will now begin. In the past two months, we have been working hard, to meet all of the program installation requirements. '

he said:' there is a problem is the place of dark and dark spots in the city. We have identified the need to install the lamp. '

dedicated to women's safety and security of ngos SafetiPin submitted to Delhi in 2016 the first report, after the organization has carried on the security audit, and discovered 7438 throughout the city, dark spots.

he said that the government in the past three years has been committed to light up the dark spots, and SafetiPin during January to May 2019 in another audit found that the number of dark spots for 2768. Two years, the scotoma fell by 4670.

Aam Aadmi the party's top leaders, said every assist organizations in coordination with people with their constituencies, the remaining dark will soon be eliminated. Citizens are required to submit to their MLAs street lamp advice, like the government when installing a CCTV camera did.

'we encourage all people to participate in Delhi to find activities need better lighting places. Women's safety is our top priority, we will install as many lights as possible, use as many resources to ensure the safety of urban women. '

he said that the government has designed a system, installation of street lamps will get electricity from the owner's family connections, and street lamp power consumption will be deducted and paid by the government of Delhi.

'the street light is automatically, through a cloud based sensors for remote control. They will open automatically when it is dark, when the sun rises in the morning will stop. '

he stressed that, to the end of January, install in Delhi from 50000 to 60000 streetlights, installation work will be completed in four months.

he said: 'the installation of CCTV camera has had a positive impact on the city, install lamp will further ensure the Delhi remain safe. 'So far, 1. 4 million has been installed CCTV cameras, there are 140000 units installation. Street lights will be installed near the business district, residential buildings and major roads.

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