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Differ from the size of solar panel prices

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

with the application of photovoltaic power generation is more and more widely used, the solar panels are used in many areas of scope, and many have been used to in the family, but in terms of price but there are a lot of people with suspicion, but what is more curious why the price appear differentiation, the distance difference is relatively large, if want to know the reason, let's look at the following.

is a very expensive, is mainly appear in the dealer, because the production of factory in sales will appear when the traffic problem, then the problems in the related areas of markets is not very understanding, so dealers will offer together, after panels to the hands of customers, prices have risen a lot, so this time the corresponding cost of pv natural rose up, also is one of the reasons why there are gaps.

and then has to decide the price, quality panels are important things, so if you use the materials, to do the panels to cut corners, though the price will be much lower, but the problems of frequency is very high, so at the time of purchase will need to have a look at the quality, or you can always bad, use cost is not low, and when you encounter a cheaper to think well of this kind of problem.

described above, can explain the reason of the price gap is big, more know should how to avoid when buy buy bad, so you can choose to have a look.

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