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Dimming technology to develop high-power solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-08
   With the massive increase in carbon dioxide emissions of global industries during the industrialization process, the global climate has deteriorated, and droughts and floods have frequently occurred all over the world, making it a serious threat to the living environment of mankind. As a kind of green environmental protection and energy-saving lighting, solar street lights are getting more and more attention and favor in many countries. Dimming technology will further improve the energy-saving and emission-reduction effects in successful LED light source lighting applications.   It is essential that solar street lights adopt dimming technology. As a kind of green energy, solar energy accounts for an increasing proportion of energy applications in all countries. Using solar street lights to replace the existing traditional street lights, it can save two-thirds of the electricity. The energy saving effect is obvious.   The application of dimming technology will further reduce energy consumption and save electricity for lighting. If dimming technology can be used, the output power of solar street lights will save 5 billion kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to saving about five-eighths of the 2009 production capacity of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station (the Three Gorges Hydropower Station generated 79.85 billion kWh of electricity in 2009). Very significant energy saving effect.  The use of dimming technology to reduce the output power will significantly improve the working environment of solar street lights, extend the life span and improve the reliability of solar street lights. The key factor affecting the reliability of solar street lights is temperature. If the ambient temperature is high, the life and reliability of solar street lights will drop sharply, and they are used for LED light source driving power or LED chips. The higher the temperature, the more obviously the light attenuation of the LED chip is intensified. The attenuation of LED light, the so-called junction temperature is the temperature of the semiconductor PN. The higher the junction temperature, the earlier the light attenuation occurs, which shortens the life of the LED light source. The key to extending the life of the LED light source is to reduce the junction temperature.  As the output power decreases, the loss of the driving power supply will decrease, and the case temperature will also drop. The rapid development of dimming technology will cause the LED light source dimming system to enter a new field, and promote it to a wide range of applications and the popularization of environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar street lighting.  Then our Changhui solar street lamp manufacturer mentioned the composition and future development of the following dimming system:   Perfect intelligent control should be manual control, intelligent control, electronic control and fault alarm control functions. When the sun goes down and it gets dark, the solar street lights can automatically light up. The illuminance can be automatically reduced to 12:30 midnight. After daybreak, the solar street lights can be turned off automatically. In special circumstances, we can take manual control. In the case of light failure, the control system can automatically send out an alarm signal.   Now, in the field of street lighting, the application of solar energy and LED light sources is rapidly spreading. Long service life, reliability is still the first element to be considered at present. With the development of technology, when life and reliability issues have been resolved, to a certain extent, solar street lighting applications will move toward smart dimming systems.

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