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Distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation application process

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation application process

1. The owner is interested in installation;

2。 Contact our local office workers;

3。 After further understanding of distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation systems, agree with the company.

4。 Arrange technical personnel to install the site survey, and to sign an agency agreement with the landlord and commissioned installation contract, need the owner to provide house property card and id card copy at the same time;

5。 Project director sending survey results to the design department;

6。 Project director organization design review, project application, construction installation, operation acceptance;

7。 Upon the acceptance of electric power department and the owner to sell electricity agreement;

8。 The end of the project.

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