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DOE release the latest report of the OLED panel life and performance

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-30

it is reported, the us department of energy ( DOE) Has announced the OLED solid-state lighting technology is on research results, this study focuses on general illumination applications.

in the accelerated stress tests of OLED panel 'second round' report, the researchers found that the latest product improvements. The report also includes the OLED light engine and panel manufacturing companies in the United States OLEDWorks Brite 3 panel production for 1500 hours test result analysis.

for general illumination, OLED is still an attractive technology, its inherent diffuse threatening the most people are cheerful, and ultra-thin panels for product developers also provides tremendous freedom, but the manufacturing cost and performance and reliability problems limiting the OLED technology niche applications in the field of lighting. At the same time, the plane edge-lit LED products become more and more popular, and can provide some of the same advantages with OLED.

however, the U. S. department of energy (doe) or continue to support the research of OLED, and carries on using the technology of project financing, believe that the mature technology will make the OLED is closer to the LED in terms of performance and reliability. In 2017, the U. S. department of energy (doe) released a report about OLED Gateway office lighting, while the Caliper report detailed introduces the optical performance of the commercial OLED products.

at present, the department of energy (doe) is trying to get funding support, because the government trump less attention to energy efficiency. No Caliper or Gateway report recently. But the agency continues to study, OLED stress test is to continue to work on such a field.

researchers in 35 ° C or 45 ° C environment temperature on the panel from multiple manufacturers continue to test, the test time has reached 7000 hours. In addition, the team has begun to OLEDWorks new Brite 3 panel for more accelerated test, test at 90 ° C and 90% humidity, and expose the panels to power cycle. In each case, under normal conditions, the parallel operation of the product is same, all Brite 3 test last 1500 hours.

on the surface, the test result is good. Researchers in three kinds of pressure in the protocol of old OLEDWorks Brite 2 panel test for 7000 hours. In all cases, the output flux rate kept at more than 85%. Within 2000 hours, the researchers said in the initial output biggest drop in, followed by a steady state, and then the medium-sized less predictable. In addition, in the latest test product, color deviation is much better.

that is to say, the department of energy (doe), points out that performance than in 2011 after the stress tests of some built power LED to poor. At that time, there are records of power LED in long time bad or good performance under the condition of unknown. As for testing the latest products, even if exposed to more harsh operating environments, Brite 3 panel also can achieve more than 92% of the luminous flux rate. As the pressure rises, the researchers noted results show OLEDWorks has improved its packaging technology. After 1500 hours of testing, color deviation is very small.

DOE still support OLED technology, and shows that the latest test results to support this goal. In addition, the researchers now convinced that have fully understand the mechanism of accelerated stress, and you can use SSL industry standard modeling methods, such as single exponential decay function after the initial performance degradation.

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