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Dongguan city, the Taiwan association of lighting industry committee changes the second President of kang

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-06
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on October 25, dongguan city association of Taiwan investment enterprises second lighting industry committee cadres as the awarding ceremony and third anniversary celebration held in sha tin, the first President of kang re-elected President of the second.

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the third anniversary celebration aims to unite and contact of Taiwanese businessmen in the lighting companies and their investors, managers, professional exchanges between practitioners, to discuss the development. Assist member companies and government departments, dongguan city, and the contact between different industry groups of strategic cooperation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members; Reflect the opinions of the enterprise, the member and requirements, to promote the local economy new pattern coexistence and co-prosperity of the new integration of the development.

the chairman delivered a speech

dongguan city association of Taiwan investment enterprises lighting industry committee was established in 2016. Is dongguan city association of Taiwan investment enterprises set up the first industry committee, kang was the first President.

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the association has successfully held four sessions since the establishment of the lighting design competition on both sides of the Taiwan straits. The competition aims to construct the lighting industry competitive platform independent selection industry related professionals, and promote academic circles are more likely to nurture the directional teaching, and promote the industry competitiveness of sustainable development and reserves. And fixed mechanism advocated and reward new blood into the lighting industry, promoting education functions of academic and industrial practice and practice.

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