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Dongying district of dongying city street lamp upgraded fruitful wisdom

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-14

recently, wave for the dongying district of dongying city street light energy-saving light, wisdom management upgrade project fully completed, within the urban area on 2 183 road. More than 20000 lamp that all traditional street lamp intelligent upgrade, modified intelligent street lamp are all made of high efficiency and energy saving lamps and lanterns, and unified access wisdom lighting management system. After modification, the entire district road lighting effect and quality improved obviously, the comprehensive energy saving rate reached 62. 32%, the annual electricity saving of more than 18 million degrees, remarkable achievements in saving energy and reducing consumption.

wave as the builders of the wisdom of dongying city and integral operator, the wise and intelligent street lamp lighting management system is an important part of wisdom city, is the 'base' wisdom city construction. Wave in the process of project construction, the informationization, the digital and Internet technology, realize the remote centralized control of street lamp with single lamp management, according to road traffic and weather factors such as the sunrise and sunset time, mutations automatic switch lights and adjust the lighting levels, at the same time can also through the mobile phone APP terminal applications such as remote monitor and control the working state of the city every street lamp, each a road lighting effect, and implement active equipment failure alarm, lamps and lanterns and cable anti-theft alarm, steal leakage faults, the energy consumption statistics, and other functions, can the function of road lighting and urban landscape lighting control system integration, integrated control energy consumption effectively, reduce the maintenance and management cost, provide scientific decision basis for city managers and intelligent data reference.

it is understood that this project is to use national advocates the marketization of energy saving service model - — Contract energy management mode of street lamp upgrading, the energy consumption of the wave can provide users with professional diagnosis, demand analysis and field exploration, comprehensive plan configuration, design, quality products and advanced management system, standardize the wisdom engineering installation and perfect service. This kind of government 'zero input' mode of infrastructure upgrades, effectively solved the problems of insufficient funds, for the urban public lighting energy saving renovation of the scale, the wisdom of open a green channel, which can realize the government to save money, energy-saving society, corporate profits 'win-win-win' situation.

as urban street lamp energy saving light, intelligent management of project implementation, dongying district urban public lighting the elaborating management level to get a boost, according to 'beautiful' the city night view, enhance the level of urban public safety and effectively promote the local economic development.

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