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Dublin, Ireland plans using LED lighting to replace traditional street lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-25

the republic of Ireland's capital Dublin are planning to use LED lighting to replace traditional public street lamp, to start the wisdom city application.

the Dublin city government put forward the project, employs LED lights replace 40000 urban street lamp. Wisdom city apply at the same time, the city will be installed and fixed 120 historical tradition light pole, continue to use the original design.

at present, the project is in tender stage, is expected to cost 80 million euros ( Is equivalent to about six. 0. 9 billion yuan) 。

picture sources: Dublin city

Dublin city is famous for its splendid history traditional street lamps, and cresting unique Georgian clover design. Replace the street light project a purpose lies in the unification of Dublin, science and technology style, color temperature and lighting design.

in addition, the city government wants to build a central management system, realize remote monitoring and control management street lamps, and the wisdom city application process.

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