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Dutch mond city take the lead in haier done lighting 'to each according to his need'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-07

according to foreign media reports, the Dutch city of haier mond pioneered street lighting based on sensor network, in order to provide adequate lighting when necessary.

this kind of 'on-demand lighting' ( 光对需求) Technology can provide enough light for the residents level, at the same time also can prevent the energy waste and light pollution.

when detect pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, motion detection unit can increase the brightness.

this kind of intelligent lighting system can also make urban management personnel to remote control, public lighting and can upgrade, the wisdom of the city for the future development and application to provide the basis of open, flexible and for the future.

haier mond, you can add a new application in the future, for example can monitor sensor noise, traffic, or the weather conditions, and based on the analysis of the data to adjust the light.

haier mond city public lighting manager Alfred Groote said: 'sustainability is very important to us, that's why we've been looking for ways to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, we ultimately want is a right for everyone livable and safe city. This is the reason why public lighting is so important, because people only when feel safe and comfortable to enjoy the pleasure of life in the city. '

pilot installation for the first time since 2013, haier mond municipal government promote this technology has been around in the city, and connecting with the various types of lamps and lanterns.

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