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Economic power is chengdu, sichuan province last night, intends to build 100 demonstration site

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-10

with wisdom city construction and 5 g of commercial tide, combined with related national policy developed, night landscape lighting, economic growth in outbreak period, etc. Recently, night view lighting, building nightscape rise up across the country economy, the improvement of urban lighting, among them, the night continue to overweight around chengdu city, sichuan province economy.

according to the report, released in June, chengdu in sichuan province chengdu city center landscape lighting special planning ( 2017 - 2025). , for the night at chengdu features, improve public well-being, stimulating economic development, the promotion of green lighting at night, to realize scientific and efficient management, proposed the chengdu city center ( 11 + 2) Area, as well as the 'traditional' regional division of the landscape lighting planning.

message on September 11th, according to the government of chengdu Wednesday presided by the special planning, review will build a 'mountain double heart, triaxial sihuan and gallery' of landscape lighting structure, at the same time, according to residential, commercial and cultural tourist area of 7 different functional partition, the night scene atmosphere, light up key, set and control lighting time, etc.

a few days ago, the government of chengdu office has issued by the 'about promoting consumption upgrading the city's night economy development of the implementation opinions'. Yesterday ( 23) , the chengdu business bureau joint city tour article wide bureau, municipal ChengGuanWei, municipal transport department held a news exchange meetings interpret the 'implementation opinion', the 100 night asked to elaborate the economic demonstration site, create a batch of night tourism, audio-visual, Wen Jian, paternity, medical beauty, music, learning, shopping, dining and amorous feelings of blocks of consumer scenarios.

reports suggest that the implementation opinions for chengdu planning a batch of consumption at night scene and formats, including ten night scenic spots, audio-visual play garden at night at ten, ten at night Wen Jian art gallery, parent-child paradise at night at ten, ten at night medical beauty space, ten in the night music venues, study ten at night time, ten at night shopping boom, late at night in 10 kinds of amorous feelings of place, ten at night blocks.

lighting, chengdu ChengGuanWei pointed out that the key area to improve its functional lighting and landscape lighting. Around 'guangyao tianfu, he Argo' landscape lighting planning theme, unique space form, green will make full use of chengdu road drainage, landmarks, travel form, consumer business circle, such as carrier to determine the key projects, key area to improve the functional ventilation lighting and landscape lighting.

at the same time, chengdu will also be in vision, convenient to watch and ensure safety and benefit of traffic organization, landscape node modest building reflects the history and culture, the fashion boutique in chengdu light show, show in chengdu as the fourth city culture and energetic.

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