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Eight characteristics of solar lawn lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
The main features of solar lawn lights:
1. High brightness: The new solar lawn lamp has a brightness 50% higher than the conventional solar lawn lamp.
2. High quality and high reliability: Solar lawn lights have high quality requirements. Manufacturers should choose advanced equipment, grasp the quality of each production process, finished product inspection, and shipment inspection, and carry out comprehensively in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO quality management system. Quality Control.
3. Long lifespan: The overall lifespan of the solar lawn lamp is more than 20 years. It adopts high-transmitting glass lamination process and has a unique energy-saving design.
4. High-efficiency and energy-saving: solar lawn lights, usually full-power crystalline silicon solar cell components are used as the power generation system of the lamps, and special solar batteries are used to save energy and electricity. It can be continuously illuminated for 3 to 5 days in rainy days without other energy supply.
5. Automatic control: The switch of the solar lawn lamp adopts the light control function, and also has an energy-saving mode. In the case of few pedestrians at night, the output power of the light source is automatically reduced to save energy.
6. High safety: Solar lawn lights are low-voltage products, using DC 4V or 6V power supply, safe and harmless, and effective protection for children, pedestrians and animals.
7. The body of the solar lawn lamp adopts a high-strength structural design, which is waterproof, wind-resistant, and has high strength against external forces.
8. Easy installation: independent power supply, no need to erect or pre-bury transmission lines, simple construction and low construction cost.

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