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Eneref proposal will be 'the sun' to the UN as a natural right

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-15

as part of the institute of Eneref # # RightToDaylight movement, a few days ago, Eneref in a letter to the United Nations high commissioner for human rights called for daylight as a natural right. Eneref position is that natural indoor daylight ( Natural Interior Daylight, NID) Is a kind of natural rights and promote human welfare and to make the transition to climate neutral, healthy planet.

this letter is addressed to palace in Geneva, Switzerland Wilson of the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet. Bachelet was elected Chile's President in 2006, served as the United Nations high commissioner for human rights in 2018. As a doctor, Bachelet know very well the importance of health biological metabolism, it may be damaged due to improper lighting design.

Eneref institute is a research and advocacy organization of sustainable development, the goal is to improve people's understanding of clear and specific solutions, thereby promoting the economic development of the friendly earth. As a link between the government and industry, Eneref working with us and international government agencies to promote sustainable solutions.

in the letter, Eneref institute introduced the human rely on the sun regulates circadian biology.

in fact, the 2017 Nobel Prize in medicine for three scientists, because they found that the molecular mechanisms of circadian rhythm, in simple terms, can be understood as the mystery of the biological clock.

research suggests that sunlight has very important influence on the human circadian rhythms, so for many rely on circadian rhythm of physiological function also has a positive impact. For example, several studies have shown that students exposed to short wavelengths in the morning sunlight the circadian rhythm of improved. In addition, in 2012, the American medical association ( 美国医学协会) Adopted a policy statement, said there is evidence that circadian rhythm disorders affect human health. By providing our circadian rhythm of the sun, natural indoor daylight can improve human health.

in addition to the positive impact on health, natural indoor daylight still can reduce the electricity consumption of the building plays an important role. According to the U. S. department of energy (doe) and the United States energy information administration ( 能源信息管理局) Data, only in the United States, the structure of the electric lighting is accounted for more than 10% of the total output.

some people would say, to design a building has natural indoor daylight is a kind of unnecessary complexity, because the sun presents such a broad range of solar height, Angle and light transmittance. However, for buildings equipped with sunshine and sensing control can reduce the energy consumption of 20% to 60% of the electricity lighting - — This significantly reduce the complexity of far more than any previous design.

Eneref high commissioner also reminds the sustainable urbanization is critical to limit global temperature rise. Eneref Bachelet proposed sustainable development officials will encourage architects and NID is specified for the architectural design of the main light source.

edit: YanZhiXiang

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