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Energy-saving analysis and development potential of solar street lighting

by:CHZ     2021-07-10
   The security of energy supply is of great concern. Actions on climate change from all over the world have promoted the rapid development of renewable energy technologies and industries around the world. For example, the growth of photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation is 20% per year. Renewable energy has become an important alternative energy source, achieving energy diversification, coping with global climate change and achieving sustainable development. Especially in the past two years, with the huge fluctuations in international oil prices, the development of renewable energy has become a hot spot in the international energy field and has attracted the attention of many countries around the world.   Solar street lighting has obvious advantages in energy saving. With the development of the economy, electricity consumption for lighting will greatly increase in our country. The research and application of green energy-saving lighting will get more and more attention. As a cold light source, solar LED street lighting products can be used in green lighting, road lighting, advertising lighting, urban landscape lighting and home lighting. Solar street lighting system has the advantages of high cost performance, green environmental protection, safety, reliability, stable quality, long service life, easy installation and maintenance. At present, lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the entire power consumption. Therefore, reducing lighting power consumption It is an important way to save energy. In order to achieve this goal, the lighting industry has developed a variety of energy-saving lighting appliances and achieved certain results. However, it is imperative to further develop and apply more efficient, reliable and durable new light sources with the requirements of distance 'green lighting'.  As a new type of green energy, solar street lights have their unparalleled advantages, and they have been quickly promoted and applied. As a fourth-generation new light source, solar street lights are effectively used for lighting and applications in urban beautification, street lighting, courtyard lighting and other fields. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar street lighting products have broader application prospects.   Generally speaking, it is a great energy-saving lamp to save 4/5 of energy, while using LED which is a solid light source. Great innovation saves 1/4 of energy. In addition, LED is a typical green lighting source with high quality, no radiation, reliability, durability and low maintenance cost.   The successful development of ultra-bright LEDs has greatly reduced the cost of solar products. Due to high luminous efficiency and low heat, LEDs have been widely used in the field of lighting and replaced traditional lighting sources. In my country, solar LED street lights and solar LED garden lights on main roads are gradually popularized. Solar LED street lights With the development of the times, 'green lighting' will become a trend.

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