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Energy-saving lighting solar led street lights establish a new image of rural road construction

by:CHZ     2021-07-13
   For the current rural street lamp installation, solar led street lamps can not only meet the needs of road lighting through photovoltaic lighting, but also save a lot of costs for rural road construction. In the current rural road construction, various types of solar led street lights according to the local needs of the installation have gradually become the first to install rural street lights. As a new light source for rural road lighting, what new images have solar LED street lights established in rural road construction?
● Quality assurance in the selection of materials: When purchasing solar led street lights, all components must be carefully selected to ensure the quality of each component.
● Pay attention to simplicity in installation: the installation and disassembly of solar led street lights, there is no need to set up any wiring, only a cement base can be installed to realize the installation of solar led street lights.
● Long life and wide adaptability: In terms of application, solar led street light poles and solar led street light stands have all undergone anti-fall measures to ensure that there is no dead rust for 20 years. The components are all international brands, the quantity is reliable, and the operating life is more than 20 years.
● Low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection: solar led street lights are green, environmentally friendly, no purification, no radiation, the use of photovoltaic lighting does not consume any city electricity, one-time investment, without any maintenance costs.

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