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England shropshire investment more than 6000 change the LED street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-08

, UK media reported recently, shropshire, England 萨罗普羊) Parliament voted to investment of nearly 7 million pounds, 16523 over the next three years to replace lamp that has not yet been using LED street lamp. This change is expected to save more than 50 pounds for the government.

Steve Davenport, cabinet members of parliament, said the plan covers the whole county 16253 streetlights, LED to replace the traditional street light bulbs, and need to replace the lamp post.

he said: 'the LED replacement program will greatly reduce energy consumption, then reduce electricity consumption by 56% throughout the work period, for the realization of council's environmental agenda is necessary. '

county government currently cost around 1 million pounds a year on the street lighting energy.

submitted to parliament, said the report forecasts suggest that over the next decade, street lighting energy costs will increase by 5% to 14%, this could mean that the annual cost will be increased to nearly 3. 7 million pounds; Even if the prices are rising 14% a year, 20 years to reach 13. 7 million pounds.

'to replace the 16253 lamp is a major construction project. Because you want to change the lamp, is bound to affect the life of local residents, this may include closed lanes to work safely. '

', but if need not excavation road or involved in large-scale road engineering, in most cases, each street light can be replaced completely finished in 15 to 30 minutes. '

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