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English town after replacement of LED street light, save nearly $ten million a year

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-08

according to foreign media reports, in northwest England small town Wigan last year completed a street lamp replacement program, through the road network installed more than 36500 LED lights, can save the township government 1 million pounds a year, About 8. 85 million yuan) , significantly reducing the energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint.

in addition, compared with the traditional sodium lamp, the LED lamp also has many other advantages.

LED longer service life, less maintenance requirements, reduce energy consumption by almost 60%.

LED lights almost no fever, do not contain harmful substances, do not need to change the light bulb, can be controlled by a central computer system, and at the same time provides the bright, high quality for the street lighting.

Wigan township government environmental cabinet Carl Sweeney said: 'the street lighting project is the key to change, will eventually have a positive impact for the next generation of our environment. '

' to save money and don't open street light in some places, but we know that this is not our residents want, street lamp can make people in the community and the road feel safer. '

according to the local government's financial data, during the period April 2018 to December, Wigan township government in street light project cost 1. 8 million pounds ( About 15. 93 million yuan) 。

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