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Even named praise of hangzhou xinhua web celebrity vegetable market, lighting design level?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-02

recently, Xinhua News Agency reported a web celebrity of hangzhou market, during the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, friends become hangzhou have clock in place of another web celebrity.

the market is not the same as the traditional market is a bit, in the report it is like this.

in the public opinion in an interview, people have said: 'hold buy leek heart into the market, but instead took 100 copies since the pictures come out! ', 'home market than shop also good! '' why and my door market is completely different. '

this is located in the hangzhou red stone in the center of the farmer's market, after a group of well-known designers the four months of violence, instead it's full of art and design of wind, even a small place is unique in the corner of the' custom '. Participate in critical change market group of designers have participated in Taipei and east market transformation of designer, also have the G20 summit venue in the hangzhou indoor display designer.

the lights standing pole and restoring ancient ways the alley, extends to the areas of the market, bamboo lanterns, yellow light; Archaize paving, handwritten handwriting signature, as if to old street small alley in hangzhou.

with a long list of post-it notes on vegetable stall, the above indicate the nutritional value of vegetables, the boss estimate didn't do less homework.

two bodies style is completely different.

on one side is full of white river, symbol of the fishermen harvest fish basket on brick wall. 'The top right corner and little cat, it also would like to eat fish! 'Market head ShiMuLin specially remind: this is easy to be ignored but reflect the small ornament of designers think of opportunely.

but on the other side to sell seafood, make roof with fishing flag, rich color.

rice shops: dark fir and collocation of brunet sheet, insulate the storage area and the environment. A change before grocery chaotic impression, strewn at random discretion the convenience of our customers into the cabinet.

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