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Experts say the unqualified lighting products affect the healthy development of lighting industry in India

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-11

according to Indian media reported, as India's accelerating of urbanization, the increasing demand of energy saving lighting products, India lighting industry can maintain a healthy growth for a long time.

however, experts believe that the existence of the unqualified lighting products constitutes a major threat to the health of the lighting industry, these products do not conform to the bureau of standards (India BIS) LED products safety standards.

lighting experts submit Joshi said: 'as a result of these fake product is illegal production and sales, in addition to cause the Indian government tax revenues plunged, also pose a serious security hidden danger for the consumer.

the government of India has stronger enforcement mechanisms are needed to perform the applicable safety standards, and intensive market supervision in order to solve this problem. '

India electrical equipment manufacturer Bajaj Electricals, executive director of Anuj Poddar said,' today's lighting industry is one of the most important challenges facing the low barriers to entry. Now, a number of lighting companies or know about lighting does not have any company in the lighting business. This will mislead customers. '

it is reported that India's bureau of standards ( BIS) Is taking necessary measures introduced to standardization. However, experts think that with the continuous development of market and technology, there are a lot of work to do. Poddar said, adding 'standardization is vital, not only for manufacturers, but also for the end customer'.

he also believes that the relentless competition among competitors prices decline, due to dispersion of India lighting market many consumers look only at the initial investment cost rather than the total cost of ownership.

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