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First based on xinjiang under the condition of the light pole iot wisdom scenic area to the ground

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-29

on October 1, 2019, the xinjiang production and construction corps in the first division, fell to the ground the first intelligent street light, bionic tree of wisdom, is the first in xinjiang based on wisdom under the condition of the light pole iot scenic spot. Design and layout of the project after carefully, carefully consider the shape, color, structure, etc. , after 10 months of implementation of the ground.

the project consists of intelligent street lamp, carried a meteorological sensor, intelligent bionic tree NB a LOT of double light controller, hd LED display, radio column, a key alarm, 5 g communication base station and monitoring equipment, by the wisdom of the gateway and a streetlight installed in the lamp pole carrying equipment for connection and communication, bringing visitors to a perception, all things all things connected, intelligent new world of all things.

corps division, as a whole 4 g, 5 g mobile communications covers the construction, to push deeper with support information network construction, information technology application to stimulate the network construction, form a pattern of the development of the construction and application of the bidirectional drive, for whole hub of economic development and people travel service support.

regiment in the first division, is committed to improve the content couplet net perception, the construction of scenic spot operation platform, wisdom to build digitized information resources, the scenic spot service facilitation to the intelligent management facilities, safe protection technology.

it is understood that the project is made up of corps division, tower into branch jointly with China, jiangsu wei ren information technology co. , LTD. , to undertake construction and operation maintenance.

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