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First phase of the Yunnan DALI Intelligent Street Lamp Project has been completed

First phase of the Yunnan DALI Intelligent Street Lamp Project has been completed


DALI City City, located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, has always been a transportation hub connecting eight prefectures in western Yunnan and Southeast Asia by land. DALI City has won many laurels, such as "National Historical and Cultural City", "National Scenic Area", "National Nature Reserve", "China's Excellent Tourism City", "Best Charming City in China", and "China's Top Ten Tourism and Leisure Cities".

Recently, our company's agent completed the first phase of the intelligent street light project in DALI, Yunnan; This is our first project in Yunnan and also our first intelligent lighting project in China. Our company has actively supported and cooperated with the agents in the design and construction of the project, enabling the project to be completed quickly and efficiently. The overall effect has also received high praise from the owners.

The entire project is required to achieve energy-saving, efficient, and intelligent results; We have inspected the project site and determined to use the ST40 series of street lights. Through simulation design using DIALUX software, the results are good. This product has passed CE and CB certification, with good cost-effectiveness and reliable quality, and has won widespread favor in the market.

After nearly a month of intense construction, over 1000 sets of ST40 street lights have been installed in the first phase, equipped with lamp poles with ethnic characteristics, and the overall effect is very good. Meanwhile, the entire system adopts an intelligent control system,

8 meter high light pole, using ST40-100W street lights; Compared to traditional street lights before, it saves 60% energy. Due to the use of an intelligent control system, it saves more than 20% energy compared to conventional LED street lights. After testing, the average illumination on the road surface reached 25LX, with a uniformity of over 0.4, fully meeting the national road lighting standards.

Next, we will continue to complete subsequent engineering projects, making our contributions to the municipal construction of DALI, Yunnan, and adding luster to the civilized construction of DALI.

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