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First sight of Lasi, Romania

First sight of Lasi, Romania


Lasi is a city in northeastern Romania and the capital of Iasi County. On the terraces on the banks of the Baluy River, a tributary of the Prut River, 13 kilometers east of the Moldova border. Population 265,000, including suburbs 305,000 (1983). The city of Iasi has the second largest industrial base in Romania. The main industrial sectors are food, beverages, electricity, textiles, metallurgy, forestry, furniture, construction, electronics and machine manufacturing. Lasi's vineyards and grape products are world-renowned. Many types of local grapes have won gold medals in international competitions and are shipped to all parts of the world at competitive prices.


Lasi has been the cultural and artistic center of Romania and even Eastern Europe since ancient times. Its long cultural tradition has earned it the reputation of "The Cradle of Romanian Culture". According to records, Romanian intellectuals began to establish Romanian schools in Lasi in the 18th century to promote the national language, establish book and newspaper publishing and printing institutions, and popularize scientific and cultural knowledge. In 1835, Romania's first institution of higher learning, Mihe Ileana College, was built in Lasi. In 1860, the University of Lasi was established; Romania's first national theater and the first Academy of Sciences were also born here. Today, Lasi is a university town with 7 universities, 4 private universities, 50,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff. There are also 13 technology transformation institutions in Lasi, making it the second largest technology transformation center in Romania. and one of the most important scientific centers.


In addition, Lasi is also a veritable "home of poetry and books". It now has 12 literary memorial halls. The Romanian romantic poet Mihai Eminescu, who is renowned in world literature, once wrote the most important poem in his life here. . Lasi is considered the most important cultural center in Romania. On December 6, 1994, it became a sister city with Xi'an, China.

Panoramic view of Lasi city

Lasi suburban scenery

Then, under the guidance of the clients, we visited the Lasi City Council Building, which is also one of the landmark buildings in Lasi.

Lasi City Council Building

Lasi City Shopping Center Plaza

Then, we suddenly saw a Chinese restaurant on the first floor of the Lasi shopping mall. We went in and met the owner. After communication, we learned that they were businessmen from Fujian Province who came to Lasi more than 10 years ago. Already settled here, running three Chinese restaurants in Lasi. I can’t help but sincerely admire the bold spirit of the Fujian people. Like the Zhejiang people, they are spreading their branches all over the world and spreading Chinese culture and spirit.

Chinese restaurant dinner

Finally, the guests took us to a photo studio. The boss here is their friend for many years. The boss was extremely enthusiastic and friendly and introduced us to this photo studio. It has been in business for many years and was inherited from his father. It is quite popular in the local area. Have a reputation. This is the boss’s family of five.

Photo studio owner`s family

Happy moments in the photo studio

This trip to Lasi was full of rewards and very happy. I made many Romanian friends and felt the friendliness and enthusiasm of the Romanian people. They hope that we will introduce more to Lasi and have more Chinese friends come to Lasi as guests; we are very grateful for their hospitality and sincerely invite them to Shanghai as guests. We wish the friendship between Romania and China will last forever.

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