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First stadium adopts LiFi, provides a quick safe and reliable Internet connection

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-09

it is reported that recently, the bundesliga club HSV stadium Volkspark installed LiFi ( Visible light wireless communication technology) , making it the world's first use LiFi football club. Journalists can be used in the news center to this new way of wireless communication on the Internet connection.

it is understood that the stadium opened in 2000, can accommodate 57000 people, is one of the 10 stadiums Germany at euro 2024. It also be certified to other top international championships.

like many stadium, due to the journalists access to the network, as well as by the fans, staff and officials of the interference of mobile devices, the press center of the wireless signal is easy to be overloaded, so it is easy to appear offline, unable to surf the Internet trouble, bring journalists reporting work a lot of pressure.

in view of this, the global lighting leader xin, fly in the stadium press center installed Trulifi Lifi products, through the ceiling of the room lights for journalists to provide highly reliable, safe and fast Internet connection.

it is reported that xin nuo fly installed 84 lamp philips PowerBalance gen2 embedded LED lamps and lanterns, one of the eight lamps and lanterns is equipped with integrated Trulifi 6002 transceivers, can be modulated infrared light waves to provide up to 150 million megabits per second ( 千字节/秒) Internet connection. LiFi is not affected by interference and encryption system. In addition, because of the light does not travel through walls, thus built the additional layer of security.

HSV space organization and infrastructure department director, Daniel Nolte said, 'given the news reporter in the center of the increasing demand for broadband, we chose the LiFi. For their part, reliable wireless connection is everything. Now, they not only have high quality of light, and reliable, fast and highly secure wireless connection. '

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