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First zebra crossing 'traffic light' xi 'an street now

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-06

recently, in xi 'an textile city bus outside Simon appeared a unique intelligent glow zebra crossing, embedded LED lights on the ground with synchronization with sidewalk traffic lights flashing, pedestrians crossing the road from here more convenient and safer. 5 meters. Tubes laid above the thick layer of transparent glass, downy and bright light. The ground type will follow column crossings flashing lights synchronization. When across the street from the pillar of the pedestrian light green light flashing, pedestrian signal ground type three belt of light flashing green light at the same time; When the column the pedestrian light red light flashing, the ground of the three into a red light flashing glow with synchronization.

according to the traffic police, the ground type lights zebra crossing 24 hours a day will be bright. The ground type pedestrian signal lights is a supplement to the original column the pedestrian lights. One can be used to supplement the pillar type traffic lights, 'wake up' more 'bow 'pay attention to the traffic lights, the family security across the street; 2 can be used as a traffic lines, improve the efficiency of traffic near the zebra crossing non-motor vehicle lanes; Three is a zebra crossing in visible light, at night or under bad weather to remind pedestrians, drivers, reduce around pedestrian accidents; Fourth, also can be used as auxiliary security facilities, convenient and visually impaired.

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