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Follow! In 2024, lighting technology will show six major trends

Follow! In 2024, lighting technology will show six major trends


Health lighting gradually enriches its connotation from the concept

After years of research and discussion, the concept of health lighting has been enriched, the relevant content is more and more rich, and the relevant departments have prepared a number of health lighting standards, which plays a good guiding role in health lighting practice.

T/CAQI 244-2021 "Indoor LED Health Lighting design Requirements", issued by China Association of Quality Inspection, 2022-06-21 implementation;

T/CECS 1365-2023 "Health Lighting Testing and Evaluation Standards", issued by China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, 2023-12-01 implementation;

 T/CECS 1424-2023 "Healthy Lighting Design Standard", issued by China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, 2024-02-01 implementation;

T/CIES 030-2020 "Code for Healthy Lighting Design in Primary and Secondary Classrooms", published by the Chinese Society of Lighting, implemented 2020-11-01;

T/GIEHA 032-2021 "Brand Evaluation of Health Lighting", published by Guangdong Indoor Environmental Health Industry Association, implemented in 2021-10-01;

T/GIEHA 053-2022 "Technical Requirements for Health Lighting LED Products", issued by Guangdong Indoor Environmental Health Industry Association, 2022-07-01 implementation.

Deep integration of lighting and control, communication, photovoltaic and other technologies

Lighting products are not only light sources, lamps, but also integrated electrical devices and control devices, and become a combination of control, communication, photovoltaic and other technologies of lighting system, lighting dimming, color, various changes laid the foundation, and in the engineering has been widely used, to obtain good results.

Smart home technology is developing rapidly, and the lighting is the main controlled object, enriching people's lives.

Modern smart home is essentially based on the Internet of Things control, lighting control is its core, and then extended to the control of curtains, air conditioning and other equipment, as well as anti-theft alarm, fire alarm and other content.

Indoor environmental quality includes light environmental quality

The mandatory construction code "General Code for the Built Environment" GB 55016-2021 sets the minimum threshold of the indoor light environment, which is also the most basic requirement, and the indoor light environment has laws to follow, which will certainly improve the overall level of the indoor environment.

Energy saving is an important indicator of lighting, and carbon emissions are the soul of lighting

Under the guidance of the dual-carbon strategic goal, it is not limited to lighting energy saving, lighting carbon emission calculation, carbon footprint, etc., will play a fundamental change to lighting design. I am glad to see that Lelei has made a useful attempt in this regard and set an example for the entire industry.

China's sports lighting industry will have a big breakthrough.

In the past, the era of gold halide lamps, sports lighting was monopolized by international brands. Now due to the rapid development of LED technology, China's sports lighting products have made great progress, and in the Hangzhou Asian Games and other large international competition venues to show their technical strength. It is believed that with the continuous research of technology, as well as engineering application and practice, China's sports lighting products will achieve greater achievements. National brands such as Big Dipper Star under Zhouming not only achieve good sales performance in China, but also go abroad to serve global customers.

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