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Foshan sanshui will build 10 economic demonstration site at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-14

recently, foshan city, the people's government office about the implementation opinion 'to promote the development of economy at night ( Hereinafter referred to as 'implementation opinion') Release, by 2021, the city will be built eight economic agglomeration area, 80 high quality night night economy demonstration site. Among them, will be built, sanshui sanshui new high quality economic agglomeration area at night, and build 10 economic demonstration site at night.

to boost the economy at night, prosperous night consumption, have become the common choice of nowadays many cities. Put forward the implementation opinion ', to fully tap foshan night consumption of resources, to foster in 3 years, the construction, promote a batch of high quality economic agglomeration area at night, the night economy demonstration site, we will accelerate the establishment of a night economic industrial system, form good night development ecosystem.

according to 'the implementation opinions', the city will be built by 2021, eight economic agglomeration area, 80 high quality night night economy demonstration site. High quality will be built, sanshui sanshui new economic agglomeration area at night, and different sanshui square, square, constant f square, lingnan cate hui ( Under construction) , such as bao surplus square 10 economic demonstration site at night.

new square

the implementation opinions also revealed the contents of the construction of big economic agglomeration area. Sanshui city night will build economic agglomeration blocks to eating, shopping, leisure, entertainment, high quality economic agglomeration area at night. The next stage will intensify cultural center commercial complex investment promotion and capital introduction, guide the cultural projects, public cultural facilities, cultural media, exhibition show formats such as first, introduced a number of influential papers and enterprise, and merchants, together with the new libraries, cultural centers, archives, the new science and technology museum, improve the quality of cultural services supply.

sanshui city cultural activity center

at the same time, actively promote joint other departments fragrant lotus lake and the surrounding lighting upgrade project, fragrant lotus lake park as the core, into a concept, make water show, lighting, sound and light show subject large-scale performances, etc. Encourage guide lotus world vigorously develop tourism project at night, open the heavens and the earth and water park lu evening, night theme activities, timely delay management, creating distinctive vigil.

after eight years' construction, sanshui city skyscrapers, improve urban quality. A batch of industry, education, culture, transportation and other cities of form a complete set of successive putting-in-service proactively, for night laid a good foundation for economic development. In recent years, constantly enrich sanshui city nightlife and city economy continues active at night.

southwest chung

in order to promote concentrated area, the construction of demonstration site, 'the implementation opinions' also proposed to implement the night inclusive prudential regulation, promoting facilities upgrade, increase financial support, planning a series of marketing activities four support policy.

in terms of financial support, arrange proper city, district two levels of finance and the department of special funds to support the night concentrated area and pilot studies economic development; Special support fund arrangement, expanding domestic demand and promote consumption of economic agglomeration areas or at night demonstration site to carry out activities such as promoting consumption subsidies; District-level finance demonstration pilot project of form a complete set of concentrated area or to arrange support fund hardware facilities improve, delay management, such as subsidies, the specific standards shall be formulated by the district according to the actual research.

in 80, foshan city night economy demonstration site

in 2021, foshan economic demonstration site, 80 will be built in the city the night of zen town, nanhai, shunde, respectively built 20 economic demonstration site at night, clever, sanshui respectively built 10 economic demonstration site at night.

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