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French energy and technology institutions CEA will display block collision and allows light and light LiFi user roaming technology

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-26

interference. These are facts of life. Li- The fact is that Fi. Like Li - Fi lovers like to point out, their technology based on optical wireless communication Wi - does not exist Fi and other radio frequency of the interference problem, in fact, they also have some interference.

but there is a solution.

according to the French national energy and technology institutions CEA, Li - from two adjacent Fi emitter signals may interfere with each other in the transmission cross area. When a user from a lamp to another lamp, that appears to cause a decline in service, forcing users to stay where they were.

quickly review: Li - Fi is a kind of can be modulated by means of the human eye cannot detect LED Or laser) Wavelength, frequency, thus by artificial light to transmit data and Internet technologies. Its supporters believe it will become the mainstream of the data communication media, more than the usual saturated radio spectrum spectrum provided more spectrum. In some cases, it will replace the Wi - Fi and other systems. In other ways, it will be a complement on them.

but, for some reason, Li - The popularity of Fi is slow. As LEDs Magazine often pointed out, one of which is the laptop and smartphone maker has not yet been embedded Li - in their equipment Fi receiver. This means that if Li - the end user wants Fi service, must be in his small tools attached inconvenient encryption dog.

there are other obstacles, according to the CEA, the main obstacles is the interference problem. But the firm know: CEA to the rescue. It has developed a combination of hardware and software can transmit signal, so as to avoid subsequent conflicts. The CEA 'LiFi Multicell module (' Also known as the 'coordinator') Connected to each of the Li - Fi lighting unit, look, you have 'the world's first used in Li - without interference Fi network intelligent coordinator.

how does it work? In essence, when devices such as tablets into the interference area, the coordinator will detect the interference, then optimize the modulation time slot to avoid catastrophic conflict.

the CEA said recently that it will bring the system into Las Vegas at CES in January. This is a significant marketing move, because once referred to as 'the consumer electronics show' CES is related to consumer electronics. By showing off 'coordinator' here, the CEA validation Li - hope Fi is legal daily equipment technology, and embedded Li - help persuade equipment manufacturers 方济各会国际。

a rugged notebook computer maker Getac Taiwan recently said that it is considering Li - pureLiFi Edinburgh in Scotland Fi technology embedded in it.

the CEA hope such as pureLiFi, Signify Li - or any other company Fi system providers can be found in the Li - Fi lighting environment to the deployment of the technology, in order to reduce interference problem, regardless of small tools with embedded receiver or encryption dog.

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