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Fujian province's first '5 g + intelligent street lamp' built of commissioning

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-18

on November 1, fujian province, the first street '' 5 g + wisdom in sanming taining core scenic area under the golden lake fang terminal operation. In July, its sanming city, fujian province electric power co. , LTD. And the people's government signed pan in the power of things support construction of 'digital city' strategic cooperation framework agreement. Immediately after receiving work deployment, its sanming electric power supply company, actively promote public infrastructure co-construction and sharing of resources, open to the sanming telecom operators such as communication reasonable grid infrastructure resources, cooperation to build '5 g + intelligent street lamp', improving the capacity of 5 g wireless network coverage, accelerate the development of sanming 5 g.

timing is one of the world geological park, the world natural heritage site, the national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot. This year 1 - In October, the county a total of 6. 06 million person-times of visitors will be able to. To better service and the convenience of visitors, this year in late July, taining under the golden lake fang terminal established the first county of fujian province telecom 5 g base stations, the introduction of '5 g + wisdom street', is the scenic spot service system has been established intelligence better full.

Internet Jeff lam, director of the office of sanming electric power supply company is introduced: 'on the day of' 5 g + wisdom lights' for the first, the street lamp on energy-saving lighting system and intelligent management system has been optimized, 5 g micro base station, meteorological data acquisition and energy-saving lighting, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, convenient information screen, smart radio, and other functions into an organic whole, share resources of intensive pole position. '

Jeff lam said that the next stage, its sanming power supply company will also hand in hand to the government and social force, actively promote the' wisdom lights' construction, completes the wisdom energy demonstration Soviet area country, demonstration city community construction, to better meet the demand of the people a better life.

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