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Full spectrum office lighting technical specification group standard formally established

Full spectrum office lighting technical specification group standard formally established


With the further development of the LED industry, the manufacture of full spectrum LED similar to the sunlight spectrum has the technical maturity and industry maturity, full spectrum LED has become one of the main hotspots in the industry in recent years. Full spectrum LED has many advantages such as good spectral continuity, low missing rate, lower peak high energy blue wave peak, higher color rendering index, and healthier light source. It can achieve a color reduction ability comparable to that of natural sunlight, which is sufficient to deal with any color demand and lighting scene.

At present, several types of scenes with more extensive application and more urgent demand are approved according to the relevant regulations. Three group standards are approved: "Technical Specification for Full Spectrum office lighting", "Technical specification for Full Spectrum Home without main Lamp" and "Full Spectrum vertical floor lamp".

It is reported that the "full Spectrum office lighting technical specification" mainly regulates the lighting design of the office area, and the lighting products mainly used in the office area include flat lamps, downlights and line lamps.

In addition, it has recently been approved to release 3 national standards in the field of lighting. According to the Announcement on the Approval and Release of 468 recommended National Standards such as Hydraulic Cylinder Test Methods issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the State Standardization Administration (No. 13, 2023), the three national standards under the centralized control of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Lighting Appliances were officially released on November 27, 2023, and the specific list is as follows:

1. GB/T 2900.65 2023 "Electrical Terminology Lighting"

This standard is a terminology standard for the lighting industry. It not only provides a common language for communication between various stakeholders in the industry, defines the scope and meaning of standardization, but also serves for communication between industries. It is an important part of the standard system, and plays a pivotal role in the coordination and effectiveness of the standard. In the current development situation of continuous integration of technology, communication and cooperation between industries has been further expanded, and the importance of terminology standards has been further highlighted.

Since 1987, lighting technology has undergone major changes, market applications have gradually expanded, the original terminology standards can no longer cover the needs of industrial development. The revision of this standard will further promote the communication between the lighting industry and other industries, and promote the development of the lighting industry.

2. GB/T 23113 2023 "Sample preparation for Mercury content detection of Discharge Lamps"

In some gas discharge lamps, such as fluorescent lamps (including single end, double end, self ballast and cold cathode fluorescent lamps) and UV C gas discharge light sources, mercury is an essential substance for the normal work of discharge lamps. According to the requirements of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, the state will encourage and promote the production of low mercury products and promote the application of green lighting products. Therefore, how to accurately measure the mercury content in the gas discharge lamp, so that the gas discharge lamp in the premise of meeting the performance requirements, the mercury content can meet the standard requirements, is very important.

Due to the continuous development of technology, the current use of ultraviolet sterilization lamp greatly increased. Compared with other gas discharge lamps, ultraviolet germicidal lamps need to inject more mercury into the lamp, but the original standard lacks the preparation method for the measurement of mercury content in such discharge lamps. The revision of this standard will fill the gap of the sample preparation method for the measurement of mercury content in discharge lamps such as ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the current standard in China. At the same time, the detection technology level in this field in China is ahead of the international level.

3. GB/T 43081 2023 "Dimensions and photoelectric performance Requirements for Road Vehicle bulbs and Light Sources"

Bulb and light source products are one of the core parts of road vehicle lighting products, and LED technology has been widely used in road vehicle lamps in recent years. With the rapid development of motor vehicles in China, especially the rapid change of cars, the modeling of models and lamps tends to beautify and change, and the performance requirements of car bulbs are improved, and the variety requirements are diverse. The current automobile lamp standard and the automobile industry in China's rapid development speed is not matched, the revision of this standard improves the technical requirements of LED light source, and provides scientific, operational size and photoelectric performance detection method, timely for the industry application to provide objective basis, play a good role in promoting the development of the industry.

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